Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Why I love Libra's



Before we start Libra's are those people born between  September 23- October 22.This is their period and i want to celebrate them. I really love these people even more than the people from my own sign Gemini and here are my reasons.

  • Beauty: These people are one of the most beautiful signs along with Aquarius.

  • Good Nature: They have naturally good hearts.

  • Friendly: Yes, they are always popular and easily the life of the party

  • Warm hearted: They are really caring and warm people

  • Loyal lovers: They will stick with you, they aren't the randy types

  • Hate Conflict: They avoid confrontations and will be the last to start a quarrel if ever.

  • Love Beauty: They love beauty and are always surrounded by it. If you've ever dated a Libra have no doubt that you are hot (that's always my consolation when i feel like shit).

  • Diplomatic: Yes, they know how to talk and they make good politicians.

  • Excellent Lovers: Uh huh, I should know *winks*

  • Wisdom: They are blessed with it. Majority of my friends are Libras and Ive never regretted taking their advice.

    Celebrities that are Libra include;
    Will Smith, Bruno Mars, Zac Efron, Usher, Avril Lavinge, Snoop Dogg, T.I, Hugh Jackman, Nick Cannon, Eminem. Others include Kim Kadarshian, Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Palthrow, Serena Williams etc.

    Find a Libra Today!



Adebiyi Ayorinde said...

Hmmm, nice one.... Can't wait to find out about mine - capricorns.

Ogechi Chukwu said...

Lol tnk u I can research more on dat sign but I knw Capricorns r go getters nd r always ahead