Friday, 24 March 2017


It’s party season! And to make sure you’re looking your most festive, we caught up with Oriflame Artistic Director Jonas Wramell to talk trends, party-proof application and morning-after makeup.
What should we consider when planning our makeup for a party?
Well it depends what type of party you’re going to. A day party will require different makeup to a night out of course. My rule of thumb is this: more light less makeup, less light more makeup.

How can we get the best results when getting ready for a night out?
Apply your makeup in stages. Start by putting-on foundation and concealer, and then set your base with a dusting of powder over your forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. Allow time for your makeup to absorb and stabilise before applying other products – this is a good time to fix your hair or paint your nails. Now apply the rest of your makeup in this order: brows, eyes and lips.

Any party makeup don’ts?
Don’t overdo it! Great makeup is about balance. Either focus on strong brows and eye makeup, or a statement lip, but not both at once. You can reference the latest trends when it comes to colour, but don’t follow trends so closely that you look like a fashion-victim. Instead, try to find your most beautiful features and accentuate them, trust me this will look better than any beauty trend.  
What lipstick colours should we wear this party season? 
The “trendiest” colour right now is a dark burgundy, but if you don’t suit it, opt for a classic red lip – you can never go wrong.

How can we make the graphic-eye trend more wearable? 
Apply eyeliner as you normally would. Then, using a thin brush dipped in a dark eye shadow, layer over your eyeliner to create a smoky makeup look. This will be more wearable than “graphic” eyes, but still on-trend.

How can we wear glitter without getting it all-over our faces? 
First apply a creamy eye shadow (my favourite product) and dust a light layer of glitter over it. The cream base will help it stick. Glitter is generally quite hard to pull-off, so try a shimmer-based product instead.

How can we avoid greasy-looking skin when dancing the night away?
You should never compromise on dancing and having fun, just to look good. If you worry about shine, pack some blotting papers into your handbag. Or, if you have problem skin, use a small powder brush (or a big eye shadow brush) to dust loose powder onto oil-prone areas. Don’t apply powder to your whole face though as this will clog pores and trigger oiliness.

How can we fake a fresh face after a late night?
First and foremost, always remove your makeup before you go to bed – your skin needs to breath during the night. Second rule: hydrate. Drink lots of water and moisturise to combat dull skin and a puffy face. If you’ve got bags under your eyes, try a hydrating gel. And, take a less-is-more approach to your makeup the day after a big party.


It’s sales season and we’re all looking to make a bargain! But it’s so easy to end up with a bunch of stuff that you don’t need or use. So what should you consider when shopping the sales? Here’s a quick guide.
Before buying anything new, give your makeup bag a clear-out. Throw away any broken or out-of-date products, and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a long time. Then see what’s missing. Make a list of what you need and focus on getting those products. This will help you curb any impulse spending.

It’s fun to experiment with new shades and products, particularly when a lower price removes some of the risk. But always ask yourself: “Will I actually use this?” If you’re doubtful, don’t shop it. It’s not a bargain if you never use it.
Struggling to choose between two or three products? Ask your Oriflame Consultant for their advice. Their job is to be experts in all of the products available to you, and to understand your personal taste and needs.

Still unsure? Read an online review. Reviews are honest and impartial feedback left by other customers online. It’s a great way to check if the product’s right for you.
Percentage discounts always grab the eye, but don’t forget about offers – sometimes these provide even better value for money.
Signing up for emails and following Oriflame on social media (@OriflameNigeriaOfficial) will help you keep up-to-date with products when they go on offer.
Decide how much money you are willing to spend in the sales and stick to that. It’s not worth getting a shock at the end of the month!
Some products never go into sale. If you’ve been lusting after a new skin care set, don’t splurge during the sales on something else. Instead, put that money aside and save up for the products you really want.
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Friday, 3 March 2017


Party season means late nights, and late nights mean tired-looking skin. At this time of the year, why not let your products take the night shift? Here’s how to have your most productive beauty sleep yet.
Applied before bed and rinsed off in the morning, overnight masks moisturise your skin as you sleep. A mask will create a seal on top of your skin, helping the products underneath it to penetrate better. The result? Luminous and dewy skin in time for dawn. 

Night creams focus on moisture and recovery, rather than protection from aggressors like the sun and pollution. If you’re combatting the first signs of ageing then look for a product with glycolic acid, like True Perfection. Or smooth over wrinkles as you sleep with Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream.
”To wake up with well-hydrated skin, cleanse your face to remove makeup and then press a serum into your skin.”
“Serums have a high concentration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, acids and vitamins,” explains Skin Care Expert Melina Galeadi. To wake up with well-hydrated skin cleanse your face to remove makeup and then press a serum into your skin. The light, watery texture absorbs quicker than a moisturiser and penetrates the deeper layers of skin while you rest.
While you slumber, let your skin get to work. During the day you want a fast-absorbing hand cream, but at night pamper hands with a rich, nourishing texture. Look for products enriched with hydrating oils, like macadamia or almond oil that treat dryness. And why not indulge further with moisturising gloves?  

There’s something decadent about a foot mask. After long nights in not-so sensible shoes, slipping into moisturising socks can be heavenly – especially when warmed slightly beforehand! Coat your feet in a foot mask that contains Shea butter or beeswax for ultra-smooth results.
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Women’s Day is more than just another holiday. It’s a special day where you show love and gratitude to the special woman in your life. Stuck for gift ideas? Don’t worry! Our Editors have it covered. Check out their best tips in this gift guide.
The perfect gift for yourself
Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate. I love receiving gifts and the thrill of unwrapping them. In fact, I could do that every day.
For me, the perfect gift would be a NovAge Ecollagen set. Using its six high quality products, in a daily routine, ensures that I have a young and glowing complexion. Perfect!
The perfect gift for her
Let’s be honest. We all secretly agree that Women’s day should be celebrated every day! But on this special day, pampering and spoiling that special woman in your heart is a must.
That is why my perfect gift would be Possess Eau de Parfum. This feminine, sparkling, yet tempting perfume, paired with a gorgeous Giordani Gold lipstick, will make her feel even more loved and appreciated.
The perfect gift for your loved one
I love beauty! That’s why I love working in the best beauty company in the world. But even more so, I love seeing the joy on my sister’s face when I buy her gifts or share my tips and tricks with her.
That’s why I decided to give her a product that I always carry with me, wherever I go: the Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls. They make me look fantastic with minimum effort and have never failed me! They give your cheeks the perfect amount of colour and glow, and more importantly, stay on all day.
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

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