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Why I will marry Bobrisky


Idris Olarenwaju, popularly known as Bobrisky was born in 1992 and was born and bred in Ebute- Metta, Lagos. This male Barbie doll has managed to capture the hearts of Nigerians despite his eccentric almost taboo lifestyle in a conservative, religious and hypocritical country. How he manages to stay alive beats me but then I remember….
Now back to my heading... I will marry Bobrisky because of these reasons;

  • Staying Power When I first found out about him I thought he would just fizzle away you know moment of madness and all that but no he has remained in our faces and gotten bigger too (kinda like the Kardashians but lets not go there). He is one of the most popular celebs in Nigeria and people even pay to follow him on snapchat something some legit artistes won’t even dare to do.
·         Makeup Dude applies makeup flawlessly on top such rough masculine skin. To do a professional makeup takes about an hour or so on a woman with normal skin that’s double the time with a rough male so he has to sit through two hours of makeup every single day of his life to keep on fascinating his fans. For me who thinks makeup is a lot of work dude has a lot of patience. We give him credit for that. 

·         Captivation He is a major traffic generator for bloggers even big ones like Linda. Everybody just loves laughing, judging and being vaguely intrigued by him and who his ‘bae’ is. For someone with such humble background he sure knows how to keep the interest of a nation.     

·         Fearless Now being Bobrisky takes guts hence the ‘risky’. In such a country as ours that deeply frowns and even has a prison sentence for something that most of the world has come to tolerate and celebrate, he dangles on the fence so fearlessly leaving us guessing is he or isn’t he, I for one think he isn't but he keeps rubbishing this theory day by day and unapologetically so.  

·         Started from the bottom Really it isn’t easy making it from a humble background in such a country but he made it yo. He did it by doing what; selling bleaching cream, being wild and being highly different. Venturing into a woman’s market and ultimately dominating. This dude will probably succeed at whatever else he veers in to do. He is hardworking, determined and smart. 

·         Audacity He’s got it. He’s transformed into this thing and owns it. He owns this persona with such audacity that he has been named a Barbie Doll. Which Nigerian girl has been named a “Barbie Doll’ …..exactly. But a young man is here owning it.  Image result for bobrisky rich

·         ClapBack The king  queen of clapback herself. He never backs down from a fight and he will rip you to shreds.   

·         Fame Dude is famous, duh, if not why the hell will I even consider marrying him.  Image result for bobrisky rich

·         Rich Most of his lavish lifestyle is fake that’s a fact but he still has some money. This guy is definitely not broke, he sure can back it up. His cream sells for $400 (N146,000) now if just 20 girls which is the very least number buys it a month he gets N2,920,000 at the very least from the cream a month not counting his snapchat which you have to pay N10,000 to follow him and like another N10,000 to take a picture with him when he’s on tour (whatever that means) and yes people actually pay this money. He also has modelling gigs and endorsements deals so for a 25 year old he is doing pretty good.   Image result for bobrisky rich    Image result for bobrisky rich  Image result for bobrisky house

·         He has Sense You cannot be all these without having sense you just can't. He has just subjected a whole nation to be fascinated by what they claim to hate. So yeah, kudos to him! 

Pssst I'm not actually going to marry Bobrisky but you enjoyed the read right?

          Bye loves have a great week ;)


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Take Me (Fiction)

Arms spread. I lay on my matrimonial bed. I looked around me, sheer luxury. The bed I lay on with its orthopedic mattress was imported from the U.K made with the finest wood with gold finishing by Nella Ventrina Italy. I had an Armenian carpet that felt like stepping on clouds and my vanity mirror was state of the art imported from Dubai.  I had the latest curved Samsung HD Television that I argued with Yinusa not to have in the bedroom, I didn’t see a reason why I would have a t.v in the bedroom when I had one in the den, living room and every other room for that matter. Yinusa my husband however hated quiet places he hated to stay still, like has was always running from himself, so yes, we had to get the t.v. for the bedroom because my husband always won and my husband was afraid to hear his own thoughts.

The reason he always won was not because I came from a poor background; my father was one of the tailors that worked in the design company where his family made their clothes. He heard me singing one day in the warehouse where my father worked amidst other tailors and the rest they say is history. There was no history for me however, because his mother never failed to remind me that I was in fact a lesser human being than every other member of the family including her rapist brother. I was poor and that was never my history it was my present and future.
The reason he always won, was because I am a very placid person, I don’t fight for anything and I hate confrontations. That is why even when his mother told me one day “So you allow only the maids clean my son’s house eh you are too big to do it abi, if not that we rescued you from the hands of that your father that sews rags for a wretched living where will you have seen juice to be drinking while people work for you” I couldn’t reply her. Not out of respect because the words that fought to come out said “If anybody should be ashamed its you, you that had an affair with your boss because of money and when you got pregnant you latched on to the fact that his wife couldn’t have children and frustrated her out of her home. That is how you came into money unlike my father that etches out an honest living making beautiful clothes which one of them is in fact what you are wearing” but because I didn’t have it me I just cried out of her presence.

Looking at the time it was 5pm and I was bored as hell. In between the fancy parties, vacations, soirees with top government officials and one celebration or the other honoring me to get money from me, my marriage was as lifeless as the limpness of a eunuch. I felt nothing for my husband. I married him because he was persistent and because he was rich, it seemed the sensible thing to do.
I stood up from the bed, put on my sky blue swimsuit, draped on a towel and proceeded downstairs to take a swim. When I arrived the pool area I had to catch my breath. The creature in front of me had ivory skin with buttocks the shape of perfectly pumped footballs and legs that would make any model green with envy. The creature turned and I could see breasts that filled out perfectly and a tummy that had the markings of an athlete. She wore a bright pink bikini and had just gotten out of the water. Kakushia looked up at me and smiled; her perfect white teeth framed on a heart shaped face and upturned eyes twinkled at me.
“Hello Toyeke”, she said with a voice like silk
“Hi” I whispered, barely trusting my voice
“The water is lovely”
I just looked down at the pool sheepishly in reply.
 I had always admired Kakushia; she was outspoken, confident and lived on her own rules. She was the opposite of me.
“Okay knock yourself out” she smiled while running her eyes over me slowly, oh ever so slowly before sauntering past me swaying her hips exaggeratedly like she always did. For the first time in three years, all the years of my marriage I felt conscious of my body and strangely, I felt a wetness between my thighs.

I was already seated at the dinner table when my husband came in. A tall dark god of a man. He had everything in the right proportion and knew it, that was why he always got his way with the ladies even as a married man. He put down his leather briefcase; it was Bottega Veneta’s Intreccio Imperatore Briefcase that cost him three thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. It was navy blue so you couldn’t miss it. He kissed me and sat down next to me. I had been waiting for him with his food set as that had been our ritual; he would come home 7pm and we would eat at the table with any other family member present at the time. In this case, it was his rapist uncle that joined us. I had put on a bright red low cut blouse showing off my ample bosom and a deep blue jean bum short showing off my straight legs thinking Kakushia would join us.
“You look ravishing sweetheart” Yinusa said, eyeing me hungrily, not that I appreciated it, our lovemaking lasted only ten minutes on average.
“Thank you love” I replied, feigning a blush. His rapist uncle ogled me wolfishly and for the first time I didn’t care, I was waiting for Kushia.
“Where is Kay”, my husband asked noticing his sister’s absence
“She said she has a birthday party to attend, she won’t be joining us”
“That’s too bad” I said wondering whether I showed too much disappointment, I wanted to go upstairs and drape on a wrapper.

July first was Yinusa’s birthday. We spent two weeks preparing for it. A chef had to be flown in from Thailand and we went to Paris to shop for our attires. I had a fitting done by Nina Ricci. The event coordinator was an overpriced young lady but I understood why Yinusa hired her, not because of her experience because judging from her age you could tell she didn’t have much but because she was a governor’s daughter and Yinusa didn’t play with making and keeping connections in high places.
The birthday party itself was a nauseating display of wealth both from our end and from the guests which comprised of former Heads of States, ministers, governors and internationally renowned business men. You would also find the highest bidding working girls with their magically transformed skin and weaves that made you wonder how they manage to lift their heads. Our expansive living room was decorated with purple, cream and dark red colors, in the center was a tall champagne fountain and at the far end of the hall facing the door was the two-million-naira cake flanked by a wall of white peonies, roses and gardenias that had to be flown in fresh that day. Five Nigerian A list artistes were billed to perform and I recognized one of them as she was sleeping with my husband last year. The buffet had food ranging from truffle macacini, clementine and vodka-baked salmon with beetroot crème fraiche sauce, sautéed chorizo with red wine, smoked fish and potato latkes sharing platter cheese and pesto whirls sole goujons with mango and lime dip to our very own rice dishes and swallow. After playing the role of grand hostess to a T, and the hall began to thin, I and Kay sank down on a plush sofa and bad mouthed all the guests while drinking punch.
“Hey babe I will be rounding up with the guys elsewhere” Yinusa whispered in my ears
“Have fun love” I kissed in reply
Within minutes the hall was completely empty save for the cleaners beginning their job.
“The emptiness of this room is getting to me, let’s go upstairs” I whispered to Kushia

I led her to my room and turned on the T.V. while we sat on the bed drinking and laughing at everything we saw on t.v. I laughed too close to her face and talked directly into her ears. I was saying something I can’t remember now into her ears when turned and kissed me. I felt my body awaken and I kissed back. She slid her hands down below and parted my flimsy Victoria’s secret while taking every bit of me in with her mouth. I wanted to scream. I felt an electric charge gaining up in me. I went wild. I felt feral as I let myself go and let myself free till there were colors, brightness and explosions.     

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Few things are as fun as travelling, but being on the go can make it hard to stick to your skin care routine. So here are a few hacks for great vacation skin.
Just because you’re going away, it doesn’t mean that you have to break good habits. Yes, packing bulky products can be tricky, particularly if you’ve only got hand luggage, but there’s a simple solution: samples. These small sachets, normally containing 10 ml of day or night cream can be bought online – perfect for mini-breaks. And, when it comes to your cleansing regime, simply decant your cleanser and toner into several 100 ml reusable bottles.
Dry lips, hands, nails – you name it, a multi-use balm has you covered. Oriflame’s iconic Tender Care is a miniature pot of intensely nourishing balm that’s small enough to take away on your travels.
Post-plane skin is likely to be dull and dry – not pretty. So, we recommend a brightening face mask on arrival. Try a sheet mask – they’re designed to intensely hydrate your skin and add radiance, or look to a gel-based mask that will revitalise tired-looking skin in just over 10 minutes.
Overnight travel is rarely restful, often leaving you with under-eye puffiness and dark circles. For an instant pick-me-up, leave your favourite eye cream in the fridge the night before travelling, and apply on-the-go. The coolness of the product will refresh and sooth tired-looking eyes.


Known by her peers as the lacemaker of flowers, Sophie Labbé is the award-winning perfumer behind My Destiny. Radiating positivity, Sophie gives us a glimpse into how she crafted the scent, and explains why being a perfumer was always her destiny.
You do not come from a family of perfumers, how did you find yourself working with fragrance?
I have always been interested in smell, but I never knew that it could be a career!
It was only when I was studying chemistry at university, that I read an article about the school of fragrance ISIPCA, and I knew that was where I wanted to be. But before applying I needed to meet a perfumer – I wanted to understand what it meant to create perfume for a living, and so I reached out to master perfumer Jean Kerlo. By coincidence he was the president of admittance at ISPICA and recognised me when I applied to the school; in many ways, this was destiny at work!
So you believe that perfumery was your destiny then?
Yes! I didn’t know it at the time, but the stars aligned for me and now I definitely believe that this was my destiny; I think that we all have a unique path in life and a goal that we have to achieve.
As someone that initially studied chemistry, do you treat scent-making as science, or are you more romantic than that?
I am definitely both. You see, a perfumer needs to be extremely curious and has to enjoy new experiences, because this feeds innovation and imagination. But, as well as a sensitive spirit, you also need to have the rationality of a scientist – you have to have both sides.
Do you think you smell the world differently from most people? 
I don’t think I smell the world differently, because we all smell in our own way; our perceptions are enhanced by emotions and experiences. But I probably perceive more scents – it’s a bit like a game: I pass someone on the street and try to guess their perfume – like investigating. Or, when I travel, I find it super interesting to arrive at an airport and think, “how would I define my first contact with this country.”
The semiprecious stone, tourmaline has been used to enhance My Destiny – what is the significance of the gem?
This stone is really special because of its positive energy and ability to boost confidence. To me, wearing a precious stone is like wearing a perfume – it empowers you. Tourmaline is associated with the expression of creativity, which I believe makes this fragrance even more special; you have the power of the fragrance, plus the energy of the tourmaline stone.
What gives you confidence and positive energy?
Love! It gives me strength and makes me moves mountains. I am able to exceed my own limits when I feel loved. And passion. I also need to be passionate in what I do, because this makes me happy, strong and determined.
Can you tell us a bit about the other notes found in My Destiny? How and why did you select them?
We wanted to create scent that resonates positive energy, so the fragrance starts with sparkles of grapefruit and blueberries. At the heart, the peony was an important addition, as it adds elegance. Then orange blossom gives the fragrance power. And finally patchouli.
To me, patchouli has a lot of depth and mystery, an aura that is important for My Destiny – there’s something special about it, it’s very addictive.
How did it feel to complete My Destiny?
I was super proud and happy with My Destiny, especially as it was the first time that I had collaborated with Oriflame.

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Nothing breathes elegance and grace quite like a princess; and so we’ve searched the world for the 5 royal women who always impress.
Princess Catherine of the United Kingdom
Princess Catherine (formerly Kate Middleton) married Prince William in 2011, in one of the most high-profile royal weddings to date. Since then she’s had two children, focused on charitable work, and was selected as one of the “100 most influential People in the World” by Time Magazine. Her signature look consists of soft-coverage foundation, brown eyeliner and flushed cheeks. To get Kate’s smoky, brown eye, try smudging your liner to soften it, wear your eyebrows groomed, and opt for a nude lip. We love her trademark, salon-blown hair.
Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand
Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, the daughter of the Crown Prince Maha Vajralongkorn, is a Paris Fashion Week regular. Her signature look is on-trend and colourful, but never short on sophistication. She’s not one to shy away from bright lipsticks, which she pairs with exaggerated lashes, high-coverage foundation and bronzed cheeks. Check out her thick, glossy mane for some real hair envy!
Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan
OK, so she’s not a Princess, but Queen Rania of Jordan is not only considered one of the most progressive women in her region, she’s also a beauty icon. Her signature look is comprised of dusty-rose lipstick and defined dramatic eyes, lending to a balanced elegance that’s fit for a queen. Her go-to beauty products include liquid eyeliner (which she only wears on her upper lash line), matte eye shadows (in neutral, brown tones) and thick mascara – smoky eye makeup perfection.
Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria
When Nigerian Prince Kunle Omilana saw Keisha for the first time, he greeted her with: "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life.” He has a point! The model and philanthropist likes to keep her makeup simple – think dewy skin and perfectly defined brows. Skin is worn natural with a light-coverage foundation, shimmering, highlighted cheeks and tinted lip gloss - stunning!
Princess Madeleine of Sweden
In addition to her royal duties and charity work, Princess Madeleine of Sweden loves horse riding – perhaps that explains her rosy cheeks and glowing complexion? Her signature look is shiny hair and defined eyes; chic and occasion-appropriate. The princess tends to skip eye shadow and opt for soft, brown eye pencil, which she pairs with pink lip gloss or deeper red and mauve shades.

The Age Reversing Miracle

Are you in the process of selecting a skin care brand or just want more information about NovAge? Then get your questions answered by our Senior Director of Science of Innovation, Dr Alain Mavon.
Yes, NovAge is relevant for all skin types.
Your age gives you an indication, but it is more important to identify your main skin concerns and choose a range that targets them.
You can continue to use your existing products, but we recommend switching to NovAge as it is designed to be most effective when using the set of six products, following the Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine.
The NovAge skin care system targets the 12 skin-ageing signs that matter most – that is the signs that directly correlate to a negative age perception.
A clinical study involves volunteers testing a product for a given period of time. The benefits brought by the product are objectively measured using various technical methods.
Clinically proven means that the claims to substantiate the benefits of the product are coming from a clinical test with objective measurements. Such clinical proof is a guarantee for the consumer that the product is really efficient.
NovAge is powered either by natural plant technologies or nature-inspired technologies. Innovative means that these technologies are the result of ground-breaking research.
Plant stem cells are bio-technology used to produce natural extracts in a very sustainable manner, in a highly concentrated form. Depending on the original plant, they can possess various anti-ageing activities.


We have turned 50! And in light of the anniversary we’re curious to learn more about the remarkable men who started Oriflame. So, Mike Hibbs sat down with our founders, Robert and Jonas af Jochnick, for an exclusive interview.
When Robert and Jonas quit their jobs at successful, well-established companies 50 years ago, people thought they were crazy. But they had a big idea, and even bigger ambition. And with loads of self-belief and unwavering positivity, they have made Oriflame one of the largest beauty companies in the world.
When asked where they got their winning mentality from, the answer is obvious – they got it from each other. Being very competitive since childhood, they always played a lot of sports and arranged contests at home. According to their sister, they even timed themselves running to school. It never ended. And this competitiveness has played a huge role in Oriflame’s success over the years.
“We were so used to fighting for what we believed in. It was imprinted in our DNA. But also in our culture and our kind of business – it was so passionate.” Robert says.
That fighting spirit becomes apparent when you hear how they’ve dealt with challenges over the years. It’s as if they don’t recognise problems – but only see opportunities. Opportunities to change things and make them better.
“Never ever give up. There is always a better way somewhere. Entrepreneurship is when you’ve got your back to the wall but manage to find a way out.” Jonas says.
This winning mentality obviously rubbed off, since everyone who joined Oriflame over the years shared the same great energy and values. They never gave up either. Robert and Jonas took particular care when hiring Country Managers. They knew that choosing like-minded people was crucial to keeping the special Oriflame culture alive.
And of course, the same applies to the sales force. Oriflame quickly became, and still is, a magnet for those who strive to make a positive change in their life, and also the lives of everyone around them. Those people have become symbols of success within Oriflame – symbols of the amazing things that can happen when people join.
Jonas looks back on these earlier days with huge warmth and satisfaction: 
“It was so incredibly exciting just meeting all these people. Many said they lacked self-confidence and couldn’t talk to other people, and we said: “You’ll be surprised. When I see you in a year’s time you will be a Leader – standing on the stage”. And true enough, there they were.”
Witnessing this kind of positive change in peoples’ lives is what makes Jonas and Robert feel most proud of all.
"What really makes us happy is the lives we’ve helped change. It’s a beautiful feeling.” Robert says. “This business opportunity has enabled so many people to fulfil their dreams – they’ve put their children through school, had the chance to become entrepreneurs and to grow as individuals."
They believe that selling dreams and opportunity is incredibly inspiring – something that brings meaning to life. They also strongly believed that all good things should be accessible to everyone – not to the privileged few. Put simply, Oriflame offers everyone the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and change their lives – to look, feel and live better.
“Could you ever imagine that we would make such a difference to so many people?” Robert asks his older brother, Jonas.
And that difference it’s not just monetary. The brothers realised quickly that Consultants enjoyed growing as people through their new jobs. They also noticed that the higher Consultants climbed on the Oriflame Career Ladder, the more they felt part of a warm and supportive family.
“Oriflame is a family business with family values”
Those family values are at the very core of the business. Being brothers had an enormous effect on this of course. It came naturally. While competitors might try to emulate a family feeling, it’s impossible to recreate the real thing. And Robert and Jonas saw the positive effect this had on attracting people to their sales force. So much so, that sometimes whole families joined the business.
But, however big the company has gotten, success is in the details. The fleeting moments of kindness between brothers, their natural ability to communicate in a very “down-to-earth” way, and how they always deal with people in a very positive, understanding way.
It’s these small, yet extremely powerful characteristics that have driven Oriflame for the last 50 years. And they will continue to drive Oriflame for many more to come.

Thursday, 11 May 2017



Applying eyeliner can be really tricky, so we caught up with our makeup artist to create this video – here’s how to apply eyeliner like a pro!


In 1967 Robert and Jonas af Jochnick started Oriflame. The same year a young woman started her journey as a Consultant. Now, 50 years later, Anne-Maj Östlund is still active and part of the exclusive Golden Girls club. This is her story!

I joined Oriflame at the start 50 years ago, with my mom and my little sister. Then, due to personal circumstances, I took a break. But in 1986 I started again on my own accord, as I could never really let go of Oriflame. I also had two teenage daughters at the time, and I wanted them to think that I was hip. However, we didn’t have a lot of money.

I was good at selling and recruiting, so I became a Regional Manager that same year. I still work with Oriflame, and so does my oldest daughter.
All the trips I’ve been on! But my favourite memory is the trip I joined for Oriflame’s 25th anniversary – what an incredible event! I’ve experienced such happiness, but also the opportunity to help others to succeed and find happiness!
"I’ve experienced such happiness, but also the opportunity to help others to succeed and find happiness!"
I’ve grown immensely, and become tougher and braver. I used to be a very shy girl, who had problems believing in herself. Oriflame has also given me the opportunity to make money, which has been crucial since I started with next to nothing.
Tender Care Protecting Balm is number one for me. It’s been around all these years and is a true multi-purpose product with tons of uses. Previously, I used skin care products from the Royal Velvet and Time Reversing ranges, but now I use the NovAge Ultimate Lift series.
There are so many opportunities! Make sure you have a clear plan and set clear goals. It’s also important to keep personal contact with people. Since I’ve got the challenge of long distances, I call people and tell them how amazing Oriflame is. Good occasions to make calls is to congratulate people on their birthdays. Wish them good luck and be someone they can depend on!