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How to make A Flower Crown Step by Step

Step by Step: How to Make a Flower Crown

A handcrafted flower crown is the ultimate pretty-girl accessory. Whether you’re an ethereal summer bride or dancing the night away at a music festival, our 4-step guide has you covered.
Florist’s wire
Fresh flowers and foliage

Wrap a piece of string around the circumference of your head to measure it – remember this is where your flower crown will sit. Then cut a piece of florist’s wire to the same length.


Gather a big bunch of flowers and foliage – the Swedish Midsummer tradition is to use 7 types of wild flowers. Weave them tightly around the wire, using chord to fasten them.

Layer the flowers until the wire is covered and you have a thick garland


Then finish by attaching the ends of your wire together to form your crown.

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Tips For Flawless Skin from Beauty Insider

Mimmi Frölén – Tips From A Beauty Insider

Meet Mimmi Frölen, Oriflame’s Senior Director for Skincare, Haircare and Personal care. With almost 16 years in the industry, this career woman and striking beauty gives us her best insider tips on everything from skincare to what colours to wear this season.
You have worked in the beauty industry for a long time, as an insider how do you choose skincare products? Give us your best tips!
I believe that skincare is very personal and what works for you may not work for someone else. You have to get to know your skin and find out if your skin needs light or rich products, with or without perfume and spf.
Another tip is to always look for clinical results instead of price. Expensive creams are rarely the best ones. Clinically tested means that an objective institute has done tests in a special scanning procedure. They have testers use the product for about 12 weeks and then scan the skin again to measure the results, for example; how many wrinkles there are left, how they are affected by the product, the size of the pores before and after usage, pigment differences and so on.  These tests are much more reliable than panel based tests.
What is the difference between day and night cream? Why can’t you use the same?During the day most of us women wear makeup, and our skin is exposed to damage from the sun and air pollution among other things. That means that during the day you need protection with vitamins and UV filter, while at night you need products that stimulate the production of new skin cells.
What’s your daily skincare regime like?
In the shower I apply Ecollagen Cleansing Gel with a cleansing device, after that I add a roll-on eye gel. I always use different serums for day and night time, and I skip the toner in the morning as I am using an acid peeling wipe instead. My special trick is to blend half of my day cream (Ecollagen Light) with a self-tanning lotion to give my skin that natural glow. I do that all year round. And finish with sun protection.
And what about your daily beauty routine?
I don’t use foundation but a BB or CC cream with SPF. Then I use a concealer, and leave it on the skin to dry for a while before I dab it properly.

Do you have any “can’t live without” products?
Blush! Since I am always pale when it’s not summer. I like the “radiant” look so I prefer to use a blush with some shimmer.
I also need good skincare products and concealer for the dark circles under my eyes.
How do you stay in shape?
I really believe in exercising and physical activity. My motto is “emotions and motions even each other out”. I walk to and from work every day, which gives me a lot. And my aim is to run more often than I do. I allow myself to eat anything but only when I am hungry, never when I’m not.
Eyebrow routine:
Eyebrows are so important, they frame the face. I dye them 3 times a year and pluck them once a week.
How would you describe your own fashion and beauty style?
Simple. I use a lot of black, white and grey – it is quick and easy to combine. I also love handbags and jewelries. I don’t care that much about my hair but more about my makeup. 
What colours will you be using this fall?
Purple is coming this fall, but I think green will come back soon too, like the new blue! Black, grey, white and beige is my base and will always be in my wardrobe.
My weekend hobby:
I believe in mindfulness, to mentally be where you physically are. I also like cooking, drinking wine, and doing fun things with my kids. My other hobbies are interior design and painting. 
What are the biggest mistakes or misconceptions you’ve seen in skincare?
  • The main one is that skincare doesn’t matter. Many people don’t seem to understand that through products and lifestyle we can affect 80% of our skins ageing! Only 20% of what’s going on with your skin is genetics.
  • That mineral oils and parabens are bad for you. One of the strictest institutes in the world; The European Commission, deem these ingredients to be safe, through their independent scientific advisors the SCCS.
  • Sometimes price and effectiveness don’t go hand in hand. Look for clinical tests!
PRODUCT MOST PROUD OF:New Ecollagen, HairX, Love Nature, and the new project I am working on right now that will be launched next year. But I’m not allowed to talk about that yet!
MY COFFEE ORDER:Americano with some milk
MY FAVOURITE MEAL:I love all kinds of food, with the exception of boiled fish.
FAMILY:The best in the world. I have two sons and a husband.
MY DREAM VACATION:Italy and Cape Town are my favourites right now, but New York and Rome top my favourite city destinations.
FAVOURITE MOTTO:“Life is as magic as you make it!”
BEAUTY INSPIRATION:Helena Christensen. She is really good-looking and very feminine at the same time. I also love Lauren Hutton.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team

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Do This And You Wont Age

Face yoga: The anti ageing face workout

You’ll already be familiar with yoga, an exercise that focuses on body, soul and balance, but have you heard of face yoga yet? When practiced daily, face yoga or facial massaging, has been proven to anti-age, to improve the appearance of skin tone, structure and sagging, and to better your general skin quality – here’s how to do it!
But before you master our five favourite positions, here’s what Oriflame Senior Director of Science and Innovation, Dr. Alain Mavon, has to say: “Recent research has confirmed that exercises that contract and relax facial muscles stimulate the fibroblasts and prevent the loss of skin elasticity. It’s a technique that’s known to help the skin keep its bounce, which has a real effect on sagging. If you ask me, a few minutes a day of facial exercises and a skin care routine (such as NovAge) is the secret to younger looking skin!”
1. Tongue Stretcher
Good for:
This position may look silly, but it actually helps to flush toxins from around your eyes.
Exercise: Keep your eyes wide open and look upward. Open your mouth, stretch your tongue downward, toward your chin as far as you can. Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat.

2. The V
Good for: The V targets the ageing of your eye and forehead area and helps reduce under-eye bags and puffiness.
Exercise: Make a V shape with your middle and index fingers on both hands. Press your middle finger into the inside corner of each eyebrow and your index finger into the outside corner. Look to the ceiling and lift your lower eyelids upwards so that you are squinting. Then relax. Repeat six times.

3. Nose shaping 
Good for: It strengthens your nose muscles and prevents your nose from sagging.
Exercise: Use your index fingers to pinch your nostrils shut. Remove your fingers and hold your nostrils in place and then release. Repeat several times.

4. Fish Face
Good for: This position remedies laughter lines and prevents your jawline from sagging.
Exercise: Pull your lips into a “fish face” position and smile. Hold this position for 30 seconds, release and then repeat.

5. Kiss The Sky
Good for: It helps reduce wrinkles and loose skin around your neck whilst strengthening your jaw muscles.
Exercise: Lean your head back towards the ceiling, stretching your neck upwards. Pucker your lips as if you were blowing a kiss. Release and repeat.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images

Jonas Wramell – A globetrotting family man

Jonas Wramell – A globetrotting family man

We all know Jonas Wramell as a globetrotting world renowned make-up artist and Oriflame’s Global Artistic Director, but how much do we really know about him as a person? We decided to find out more about Jonas’ life in London and Stockholm, his travels, and his life with his son. But of course we couldn’t help but get some style and make up tips as well!
Jonas, start by telling us where you live? – I live in Stockholm and London but with all my travels (up to 130 days per year!) it feels like all over the world sometimes. I spend about 10 to 14 days a month in London. However I also travel up to 130 days a year for work. It could be anywhere from Kazakhstan to LA, NY, and Paris. I have a 6-year-old son and I spend all my free time with him in Stockholm and in our home in London.

You are originally from Sweden but you also call London home, why London?
– I fell in love with London when I first moved there as a 19 year old to study. I love it because it’s a melting pot with interesting people and it allows me to be who I am. The city is a great source of inspiration for me. My life there is extremely different from my life in Stockholm. I am much more social and active in London for some reason. I go to museums, art galleries and I go biking around. I love the vibrancy, the shopping, the fashion and beauty influences and all of the inspiration I get there.

You are the Global artistic director for Oriflame, what does that really mean?
 – It means an extreme amount of travelling, but also product development and attending and doing makeup for different events. Sometimes I travel 20 hours to a place only to be there for one day. Next week for example I am off to Barcelona, then I am going to Nice, then India and straight to Singapore and that’s normal for me. It’s a lot of fun, but can also be exhausting and sometimes even lonely to be in a hotel room by myself. But everything that is a lot of fun also comes with its backsides. I believe there must be some resistance and things to overcome.. It’s the same thing with everything fun in life, like relationships and children., and that is completely okay with me.

How do you keep fit and in shape with your busy lifestyle?
– I am a workout freak and I almost never drink alcohol. Working out for me is super important and I feel it helps defeat jetlag and makes me feel good.
I work out either at my hotels or in my gyms in Stockholm and London. I also jog in the park in London, and do horse riding there, which I think is an amazing way to combine fresh air, exercise and fun! As for my diet,
I am not a great cook, but I do eat as healthy as I can.

What about your skincare routine?
– I am very careful with my skincare. I always use a scrub in the shower two to three times a week. I also use serum and a day cream and on top of that I add a very high spf – always!

What is your personal fashion style and what style tips do you have for men?

– I am almost always dressed up. I think it’s fun to wear nice clothes and to use them and not just have them hanging in my closet for a special occasion. My main tips for men out there is when you buy a nice jacket or something, use it! Don’t wait for special days because before you know it will be outdated and you wont have had the pleasure of using it as much as you could! Also as a man: stay classic. That always works.

What about style tips for women?
– Trends are a misconception.  Be updated on them but think about your personal style rather manically changing your whole wardrobe every season. Add some fun accessories that are trendy. That’s my tip.

What’s your favourite product from Oriflame right now?
– The One high impact eye shadow which is a creamy shadow in lots of different metallic colours. I think that product is one of the best on market right now!

Which 3 products do you believe each woman needs in her toiletry bag?
– Foundation, mascara and the eye brow kit. I think lipstick is a great product to dramatically change your look from day to night also!
Dianas Memorial Playground
My son loves this place! There is a huge pirate ship in the middle of it all! And it’s a fun meeting place for grownups too!
Petersham Nurseries
An English garden with labyrinths, walks, bridges and little canals. A beautiful place to be with your child in nature with animals!
Natural History Museum
This is fun for both adults and kids! My son loves the huge T-rex which is life sized and even moves!

Jonas top 3 restaurants tips:
Weekend lunch: Granger o Co in Notting Hill
Dinner: Coya in Piccadilly
Drinks: Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone
Words by: Photographs by: Anna Mårtensson

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How to Do the Spiral Pony tail


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Video tutorial: The spiral ponytail

It’s time to upgrade your ponytail. The spiral ponytail - aka the twisted ponytail - is the trendiest hairstyle around; it’s also super easy to do. Channel catwalk-cool with our how-to video.
The Spiral pony tail.

Words by: Photographs by: Victoria Stillwell, Hair & Makeup: Maja Söderlund

Nail Art! Get inside...

Interview with a Catwalk Nail Artist

Frida Selkirk’s creations regularly walk Sweden’s hottest catwalk shows. But Frida doesn’t design clothes; she’s a sought after nail artist. As Stockholm Fashion Week draws to a close, we caught up with Frida to chat success, her dream client and spring’s hottest nail trends.
How did you become a nail artist?Originally I wanted to be a hairdresser, but when I wasn’t accepted on the course, I switched to a three-year economics degree instead. I thought if I studied economics I could at least open my own hairdressers one day. Later, I stumbled across a nail salon and was totally enamoured. I ended up studying under the salon owner and interning there; six years later I opened my own place. 
Your nail artistry has made it on to catwalks and in to some of the biggest fashion magazines – what’s the secret to your success?I managed to create a niche for myself within fashion. Whilst many nail artists entered the art world, I’ve always gravitated towards the fashion industry – I think it’s fun. The way I see it, I like to dress nails. It’s part of the whole styling process and is an easy way to update a look.

What’s your best tip for getting beautiful, well-groomed nails?A good base is essential. Give yourself a mini manicure by gently pulling back your cuticles and removing any dead skin that’s stuck to your nails. You can apply a cuticle cream and use a buffer (a soft nail file).
Nails have become a big focus in recent years. Why the interest?Nails have become a fashion accessory, and a cheap one at that! You can do it yourself, and inspiration is readily available via instagram, Facebook and blogs. Fashion designers have also driven interest. By making their own polishes they’ve linked nails to fashion, showing how nail art can be used to enhance personal style.

Which Hollywood star would be your dream client?Gwen Stefani - she is so cool. I would give her long chequered nails in black and white.
What style of manicure do you wear?I usually wear black or dark blue nail polish. If I’m going to a party, I like to create something extra special, like a tuxedo pattern.

Words by: Photographs by: Jonas Carmhagen

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3 Brozer and Blush Tips You need to Know


When used correctly, bronzer and blush will sculpt your face and give you a sun kissed glow. When used incorrectly, it can make you look orange or even dirty! Try our 3 tricks and get it right every time.

Instantly sculpt your face by sweeping bronzer underneath your cheekbones. And if you want to hide a double chin, use your bronzer to contour your jawline and give the illusion of depth.

For a natural-looking glow, don’t forget to apply bronzer to your temples and hairline as well as your cheeks.

Blush to spare? Give your eye makeup a refresh, by sweeping blush across your eyelids - this is a great way to brighten up your makeup.



Words by: Photographs by: John Buddee

5 Tips For Networking Like A Pro

5 tips for networking like a pro!

Yasmin Belo-Osagie & Afua Osei are the inspiring girl squad empowering young African women in their journey towards professional success. Their organisation, She Leads Africa, has more than 30,000 members across Africa, and serves as a community for female entrepreneurs looking for business advice and coaching. Self-professed introverts, Yasmin and Afua know the importance of overcoming your nerves and networking like a pro. Here are their tips for nailing your next big work event!

1. Come with a game plan. “You’ll never have a chance to speak to everyone so come with a clear list of the people you’d like to speak to. If Afua and I are going to a conference, we’ll come up with a target list and prioritise the people who we MUST connect with vs. people that it would be nice to chat to. We always research a few points on the person’s background, to make it easier to strike up conversation. And, it’s important to be clear (if possible) on why you’d like to talk to someone. It helps you steer the conversation in the right way and tailor your pitch appropriately.”

2. Hang out by the food table. “If you don’t feel comfortable introducing yourself to people, try hanging out by the food table. Food is always a great conversation starter. If you see someone picking up that lovely mini-cupcake you just tried, go up to them and say: “Those cupcakes are absolutely amazing. You should definitely try one. Oh... I’m Yasmin by the way. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?” And voila! You’ve struck up a conversation in a non-awkward and relaxed manner.

3. Ask questions. “Many people think that networking is all about trying to impress people with your amazing accomplishment. But it’s just as important to listen to other people and try to learn more about them. Once, I was at a conference an struck up a conversation with a guy who mainly worked in Europe, so there wasn’t that much in common with SLA. But after chatting for a few minutes, he mentioned that his wife sat on the board of an organisation that we’d desperately been trying to reach out to! Now you see if I’d spent the whole time blabbing to him about myself, I may never have found out about this awesome connection.”

"Many people think that networking is all about trying to impress people with your amazing accomplishment. But it’s just as important to listen to others..."
4. Go for number 2. “Here’s a scene I see at networking events all the time: an important person arrives and everyone swarms to them. That important person is overwhelmed, a little uncomfortable and frankly doesn’t see individuals, but rather a mass of overly eager faces. When this happens DO NOT join them. This is a little trick I’ve learnt: Look around for the people that this person arrived with. And instead, target that person. Why you ask? Because that person is waaaaay more accessible than the important man or woman, and they may be able to secure a meeting with them in the future. Plus, they may be able to teach you a thing or two – after all, smart, successful people tend to surround themselves with other smart, successful people.”

5. Master the art of the follow-up. “It’s important to get people’s business cards, but it’s even more important to follow-up afterwards. A few days after an event, send a brief follow-up email to everyone you met. Make sure you have a clear subject line like “Follow up from XYZ Conference” so they don’t assume you’re sending spam. And, as they probably met a bunch of people at the event, include subtle hints that will jog their memory, like “It was so lovely to have the opportunity to talk to you about SLA, the organization that I co-founded that empowers African female entrepreneurs.” And, don’t be aggressive if they don’t respond. Everyone’s busy, so be persistent yet respectful.”

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7 Beauty Apps Every Girl Needs

7 beauty apps every girl needs

It’s easy to get lost in the every-growing world of mobile apps. There are so many, that finding the right ones to download can be tricky. So to help you out, we’ve selected 7 of our favourites for raising your tech-beauty game.
1. Mirror
For those days when you forget your pocket mirror at home, “Mirror” is your go-to app. Better than your front camera (we promise), it uses enhanced lighting to give you a brighter reflection – perfect for touching up makeup when you’re on the move.

2. Make-up Wizard
Thanks to Make-up Wizard you no longer need to smudge products on the back of your hand to try them. Instead, this app allows you to apply eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks and many more products, simply by using your camera phone. Once you’ve got over the initial wow factor of trying on makeup virtually, you can try shopping the products straight from the app. With over 50,000 users in two months, it’s averaging a 4.5 star-rating on the app store. Android users can download Makeup Wizard free
here or you iTunes and download it free here. 
3. Sun Coach
This sophisticated mobile app was designed to forecast UV rays for all over the world. All you need to do is enter the destination you want to check and the app will give you the UV forecast. It also gives you handy tips about sun protection!
4. iDrated
We all know that drinking water is essential if we want a healthy body and radiant skin. If you’re struggling to keep track of how much water you’re drinking, iDrated could be for you. It works out exactly how much water your body needs based on your gender and weight, and allows you to log your water easily to make sure you meet your daily quota; you can even set up a drinking alarm!
5. Pinterest
If you ask us, you can never have too much inspiration. Pinterest allows you to scroll through beautiful imagery, create your own mood boards and share inspiring pictures with your community. It’s also a fantastic place to discover beauty tutorials and trends. Follow Oriflame
6. Pedometer
Health professionals recommend that we take 10,000 steps a day, but the average person only walks between 3000 and 4000 steps daily – way off the recommended target! Downloading Pedometer can help you meet your step goals, monitor your calorie count and track the distance and inclination that you walk – it’s a wellness-buff must.

7. BeautyPlus
To us, you’re always beautiful! But if you feel your selfie needs some touching-up, we recommend BeautyPlus, which has over 70million users worldwide. Take a cue from the blogging world and add beauty filters and use the editing tools available in this free app. And when you post to Instagram, why not follow us
@oriflame – we’ll see you there!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images

How To Be A Rich Happy Couple

Meet our Inspiring Power Couple

Not every couple can maintain a happy marriage and a thriving business together, but Mexican-duo Diana and Juan Pa are proof that it’s more than possible. We spoke to them regarding their professional and personal dreams (and all the fun they have along the way).

What’s it like running an Oriflame business as a couple?
Running the business as a couple has been a blessing. We complement one another, which allows us to do things that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve as individuals. We both have different ideas, goals, focuses and strategies. The challenge is to agree and draw on a vision together. Undoubtedly our business has grown because we built it as a pair. It’s very rewarding to work as a couple, to live and experiment in ways that few marriages can. Oriflame has allowed us to be partners in our own business as well as partners in life.

Describe a typical day in your lives.
One of the best things about starting a business with Oriflame is that you don’t live “typical days;” your life is never routine. Every day is a choice; what you want for yourself, for your family and for your business. There really isn’t a fixed schedule for you to wake up to.

However, if you want to grow your business correctly, it’s very important to be clear about what your day-to-day should look like. Be clear about what you want to achieve and divide it into daily actions. You choose and organise, setting the speed at which you want to grow.
“It’s very rewarding to work as a couple, to live and experiment in ways that few marriages can...”

What do you love most about your job?
Both of us love two aspects: The power to make our own decisions and the possibility that Oriflame gives to positively impact other peoples’ lives.

What do you do in your spare time?
Recently, we’ve been focusing on the arrival of our first baby. We’ve been to courses, done pregnancy exercises, spent time choosing her crib and the details of her room; it’s all been very stress-free so we’re ready for her arrival.

You’ve travelled around the world with Oriflame – where’s your favourite place you’ve been?
Singapore, definitely! We went to Asia for our honeymoon and loved it, so the fact that Oriflame planned a trip there was incredible. Plus, the hotel that they chose was the best one in the city!

What’s attending an Oriflame conference like?
For us, Oriflame conferences have been crucial for our business. In fact, it was at our first Oriflame conference that we decided to work together as a couple. Each trip clarifies the way that we want to work moving forward, because we’ve met such inspiring people and to see their growth motivates us. At a conference, you’re meeting people just like you who are achieving success and fulfilling their dreams! On top of that, the trips are very luxurious. You spend extraordinary days and live out experiences that expand your horizons and make you see the potential of your business – it’s like a bubble of positive and happy people!

You’re known for inspiring your network to realise their dreams – what was your dream when you started out? Has it changed along the way?
Having a business with Oriflame means that you dare to dream of a life that’s better than the one you could have imagined.

It all started when I was a student. Then, my dream was to make a steady income. After that it was to buy my first car (I bought a Mazda in 2010). Then it was about having a dream wedding and honeymoon, which came true in 2013! Juan Pa’s dream was to own a Mercedes; in fact, he has one now. Today, we dream about having the house we’ve always wanted, we’re focusing on making that happen. Thanks to our Oriflame business we’ve been able to enjoy a much better life, all whilst having the freedom to have the lifestyle we love.
Words by: Photographs by: Arturo Sotelo

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Around The Clock Skin Care

Around the clock skin care

Our body’s circadian rhythm, also known as our “body clock,” controls our energy, hormones and skin health. Here are some good habits (and great products) to sync with your 24-hour cycle for healthier-looking skin.

During the day your skin occupies itself with warding of external aggressors (like pollution and the sun’s harmful rays), so choose products that team-up with this cycle to treat and defend.
If you’re living in a major city it’s important to use products that address high pollution indexes. A good way to deliver these ingredients to your skin is via a fine textured serum, as they absorb quickly and are able to penetrate the skin’s layers. But serums aren’t moisturising enough to be the final step in your routine – you need hydration and SPF too.
Your day cream should fulfill the role of a shield – except for around your eye area, where using a lightweight eye product is preferable. For pollution-protection, seek out a day cream that uses Acai plant stem cell extract that’s packed with antioxidants, boosts hydration and targets free radicals. And don’t forget your SPF, many day creams will contain SPF15 and above, but check the label just in case.

Sitting at a screen all day may be doing more harm to your skin then you realize. A relatively new field of study, it’s thought that HEV (high energy visible rays) emitted from your phone and computer may cause fine lines, sagging, hyper-pigmentation and redness – also known as the signs of ageing.
During the day, boost your skin’s natural protection process by redelivering antioxidants to it via a spray-on toner. And as oil production naturally peaks in the afternoon, leading to an oily T-zone, keep some blotting papers in your purse for this time of the day.

We all know how a lack of sleep affects our moods, but it also impacts our skin health too, speeding up ageing and inflammation. That’s why good skin health relies so heavily on a good night’s sleep – while you rest, your skin get’s to work.
Cleansing should be a well-established step in your evening skin care routine – it’s essential for removing makeup and oil that builds-up during the day. You’ll find that many toners contain a combination of hydroxy acids (like salicylic, glycolic or lactic for example) that help stimulate cell renewal, as do serums, like those by Ecollagen. By gobbling up dead skin cells, these hardworking products boost the repair process that happens whilst it’s dark.
And as dehydration peaks as you sleep, a rich night cream that delivers moisture to the skin, and protects from the natural breakdown of collagen is a must.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images

Soaring To Success

Soaring to Success!

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Enna. This petite 28-year-old from Bali, Indonesia, is ultra-stylish, chatty and radiates passion; it’s no wonder she’s been so successful. Three years after joining Oriflame, she’s travelled back-and-forth to Europe and built an impressive beauty business – all while maintaining a successful career as a flight attendant. We spoke to Enna to find out how she does it!

As well as working with Oriflame, you’re also a flight attendant – when did you start?
I started working for a local Indonesian airline in 2008 when I was only 18-years-old – it was my childhood ambition! In 2011 I joined the airline Air Asia and requested to be based in Bali so I could be near my family – being close to family is the best thing in life!

You must travel a lot - what’s been your favourite trip ever?
My favourite trip was when I went to London for the Gold Conference in 2015; it was only five months after my wedding so it felt like a free honeymoon sponsored by Oriflame! I really enjoyed being in London, and I’m still amazed by how Oriflame manages to create such a fantastic, VIP experience.

“It’s an easy way to start a business without needing much money to begin with...”

What does a typical Oriflame conference look like?
Everything Oriflame says about their conferences is true! Whether it’s Gold or Diamond, it’s like a dream conference because Oriflame chooses the most desirable destinations that many people haven’t been to; for example, for us Indonesians, going to London isn’t easy. Even if you have a lot of money, it’s still difficult to get a visa. But with Oriflame, when I went to Jakarta to apply for my visa, all I had to do was say one word: “Oriflame,” and they said “OK!” It was so easy.

Oriflame arranged everything for us. In the Master class sessions, we learned how to grow our business, faster and better. And in the Recognition Awards and Gala Dinners, we received motivation and inspiration from those leaders who began their businesses from nothing and are now successful. I’ve honestly learned from so many people from around the world!

How did you discover Oriflame? Was it the idea of travel that first drew you in?
My husband is the best of friends with Niek Made Sugiarti and Nyoman Suryananta (who are in the Top 15 in Indonesia). When I met Ni, I remember her saying to me, “You love makeup; have you heard of Oriflame?” I hadn’t.

She told me how with Oriflame you could travel the world and even visit Europe twice a year. I said to my husband: “I’m going to take this opportunity – if she can, then so can I!” Five months after I joined, I became a Senior Manager; within the first year, I received three new titles.

And in less than three years you’re now at Diamond Director level!
It’s because of all of the support that Oriflame has given me; it’s an easy way to start a business without needing much money to begin with. As long as you want to learn, you can do it!

Do you use social media and online tools to reach new customers?
Because I work as a flight attendant, I run 80% of my business online and spend the rest of my time offline, connecting through beauty classes, meeting with my team and distributing flyers; I do all of this on my time off.

And are you excited about the 50th Anniversary Cruise?
Yes, it sounds like a dream! I hope to take lots of my team with me – my goal is 50! In Copenhagen, I will take 18 members of my team with me – that’s the best part!

Wow, 50 people! Do you feel like you’ve helped others to change their lives?
No, but I do feel that Oriflame has changed my life and my dreams. Instead of serving people for the rest of my life, Oriflame has taught me that I deserve better – that I can earn money without being away from my family. Oriflame has done so many wonderful things for my life!

Words by: Photographs by: Fabio Lorenzo Yusana