Sunday, 2 October 2016

For Perfume Lovers: Right Notes For Right Occassions

Summer Scents

With temperatures rising, it’s time to lighten up our fragrance wardrobe. I round up the 4 biggest scent trends, for a truly unforgettable summer.
1. Summer Blooms
Good for:
Relaxed garden parties
Whilst the winter is perfect for seductive florals like ylang ylang and red jasmine, I like to switch to a more delicate bouquet when the weather heats up. Trend reports have confirmed that this summer is all about the freesia flower – a note that’s at once delicate and peppery. Or stay on point with blossom-themed perfumes – they’re ideal for pairing with a sundress!
Look for: freesia, orange blossom, cherry blossom, peony, white lilac
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Tip! Your hair holds scent particularly well, so spritz onto your comb and apply by brushing.
2. So Fresh, So Clean
Good for:
Summer in the city
Commonly used as a base note, musk anchors a fragrance, boosts other notes and binds to the skin to make your fragrance last longer. Musk-themed fragrances differ a lot, but to me, it’s the first spritz of my white musk-based eau de toilette that marks the start of spring! With its fresh-out-of-the-laundry scent, it’s a classic “clean” perfume.
Look for: white musk
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Tip! Store your perfume in a cool, dry place to avoid it spoiling.
3. Sorbet Scents
Good for:
Dancing the night away
One of the biggest summer scent trends according to the Seven Scents’ forecast report is sorbet – think sweet, good-enough-to-eat aromas. It’s time to put-away heavy perfumes and look for something lighter. Fresh, fruity scents are always uplifting, particularly when sprinkled with floral notes – like a summer holiday bottled.
Look for: strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, pink grapefruit, peach and lemon
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Tip! Apply your scent straight after a shower, before getting dressed to make it last longer. Scent clings better to well-hydrated skin.
4. Ocean Breezes
Good for:
Beach days
Perfumers are capturing the smell of a sea breeze and bottling it up for summer. Look for salty oceanic notes paired with florals – they offer an unexpected twist on your typical flowery fragrance.
Tip! Over 1000 new perfumes are launched every year – take your time when selecting yours.

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