Monday, 30 September 2013

In the name of fashion???


One day, my friend was in the saloon minding her own business when a lady walked in.
I don't know if there are contact lens users in the house because they can best relate to this.
Well this lady, walked in with brand new contact lens and eyelashes for fixing. When this lady was done fixing her lashes she asked the saloonist to insert the contact lens for her.
There are some necessary precautions that must be taken before you put on contact lens for the sake of your sanity.
Your hands must be clean. Washed with water not soap.
Nails short.
This well meaning saloonist didn't know this.Her hands were oily(shes a saloonist) and I doubt her nails were short enough.
Anyway during the whole inserting process nothing told the girl to shout for help and run out of the saloon with bulging red eyes....
There's  saying that goes 'A man who asks questions never gets lost'
Have a nice day!!!

Fabrics of life!!!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beauty of the day

                                                  Friend of life!!!!

Some times in life we come across people that are actually good. When I mean good I mean in the true sense of it.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

10 Religious People I Hate

Disdain : studio portrait of young emotional woman in white blouse over dark background                                                                  

While I’m not the perfect person we will all agree that there are some nasty things people do that just leave us like WTH!!! In the religious category, here are the things some people do that just leave me with that uncontrollable urge to bitch slap the ‘demon’ out of them.... 

  1.        A guy once told me about a girl that asked him why he doesn’t have

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are You a Reacher or Settler?

Photo: Hottie (Johnny Depp) and his ugly wife.

For those of us who are fans of How I Met Your Mother we came across these words ‘reachers’ and ‘settlers’ for the first time on the show.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Ohio kidnapper commits suicide in jail

The Ohio man who held three women captive in his home for nearly a decade before one escaped and alerted authorities has committed suicide in prison.

Father of Stow Away speaks

Two weeks after his son flew from Benin City to Lagos in the wheel compartment of an aircraft belonging to Arik Air, Daniel Ohikhena’s father denies claims that he abandoned his family.
Little is known about Daniel Ohikhena, the 13-year-old stowaway who flew from Benin City to Lagos in the wheel compartment of a plane belonging to Arik Air, by his schoolmates at Ogbe Junior Secondary School in the Edo State capital.
Shortly before his celebrated escapade, Daniel’s mother, Mrs. Evelyn Ohikhena, had withdrawn him from a private secondary school for want of money to pay his tuition fees. She had enrolled him in OJSS, which was about 500 metres from her residence.  
Investigation by our correspondent shows that the teenager had spent only a term in his new school before embarking on the dangerous adventure. A source said, on condition of anonymity, that Daniel joined the school, popularly known as ‘Ezoti Junior’ just before the end of the third term.

A youth named Festus, who also resides in the same neighbourhood as the stowaway boy, said the latter was not popular in the area.

“We hardly know him. It was recently that we heard he lives in the neighbourhood. I have not seen much of him. He was very quiet at school. I have not known him for long,” he said.

However, events took a dramatic turn on Tuesday when the boy’s father, Osaigbovo Ohikhena, 44, materialised as if from nowhere. Earlier, his wife (Daniel’s mother) had claimed that they did not live together.

Mr. Ohikhena, who is a driver by profession, said he had been separated from his family for a year because of a misunderstanding between him and Daniel’s mum. But he denied the latter’s claim that he abandoned his family.

“I always pay my children’s school fees and provide money for their feeding regularly, contrary to claims that I abandoned my family. After I lost my job, I decided to move to a cheaper apartment and told my wife that they should move in with me. But she refused and continued to stay in the three-bedroom flat. My new residence is located on Siluko Road. I decided to come here (Government House) to tell the world that I am the father of Daniel.

“Initially, when I heard the news, I thought my son was kidnapped. But my wife said I should calm down and she promised to get back to me when everything is finally okay. I never dreamt of going to America nor am I married to another woman. My wife refused to give the DSS my phone number when they asked for it,” he said.

Giving an insight to what could have been responsible for the teenager’s strange behaviour, an expert and sociologist at the University of Benin, Dr Kingsley Omoyibo, described him as suffering from maladjusted personality, due to inability to mix. Omoyibo did not only warn against labelling the teenager a criminal because of his action; he recommended that the youngster be made to undergo rehabilitation.

Noting that what happened to Daniel could have resulted from his experience in his home, the don urged the boy’s parents to live up to their responsibilities in order to prevent untoward behaviour from their children in the future.

He said, “Like we learnt, the boy is a recluse. He has a withdrawn personality because he does not mix. This is why he acts the way he does. This condition is capable of making him do damage not only to himself, but to his siblings and his immediate environment.

“The boy needs to be rehabilitated. Although we cannot say that his attempt to stowaway in the wheel compartment of an aircraft is criminal behaviour, it is a devious act that must have been propelled by lack of adequate parental care. I do not know the background, but what we can extrapolate from this is that the home is not stable.

“You will find out that there is a lacuna in the upbringing of the boy and consequently, it has affected the way he reasons and appreciates societal issues. The way he sees the complexity of society is different from a child that has complete socialization. The boy is suffering from maladjusted personality.

“Indeed, that child, I still maintain, is not a criminal. In the process of maladjustment, he is exposed to odious things. For a child to keep all night watching films, it tells a lot about his state of mind.”

Now that a group known as De RAUFS has offered the teenage stowaway scholarship up to university level, it is the duty of his parents to seek ways of reshaping his character for a better future.

How to become a billionare in Nigeria

If you want to get rich quick, here is the Nigerian blueprint. But please, don’t tell anyone I “wiki-leaked”this highly-classified national secret to you. 

With only some 50 years of independent national existence, Nigeria is a country reeking with “new money.” The overwhelming proportion of the millionaires and billionaires in the country are “nouveau-riche;” they became rich literally “overnight.” We are talking of people whose wealth does not go beyond a generation. Indeed, the fantastic wealth of Nigerian billionaires like Femi Otedola scarcely goes beyond ten/fifteen years. Not only does Nigeria’s wealthy few have a short history, they often have a short future as well. The money comes “miraculously” and goes just as “miraculously.” 

In my youth, S.B. Bakare was the celebrated Nigerian tycoon. Highlife stars and juju musicians eulogised him in their records. But ask a young Nigerian today who S.B. Bakare is, and I can bet my bottom dollar he has never heard of him. S.B. has fallen off the radar and so has his wealth. It is not identifiable by any major industry or enterprise. His descendants may still be in litigation over the dregs of his estate, but undoubtedly it is nothing to write home about again. Certainly, nobody is singing about S.B. Bakare today. There are now new pretenders to his throne.

New dawn 

Time was when wealthy Nigerians built something, developed something, or made something. At that time, the rich were truly captains of industry. Alhaji Sanusi Dantata made his fortune in the era of the groundnut pyramids in the North; buying and shipping them for export. Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu had Nigeria’s largest fleet of inter-city “mammy-wagons.” He also imported “panla” (dried fish) on a large scale. Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony had a tanker fleet and a pioneering charter airline. Emmanuel Akwiwu, hauled oil-rigs and supplies for British Petroleum. Chief Timothy Adeola Odutola produced bicycle tires for the growing army of Nigerian bike-riders. 

But thanks to oil, much of Nigerian wealth is no longer the product of such ventures. Yes, we have billionaires like Ibrahim Dasuki and Mike Adenuga who can still be rightfully described as highly enterprising. But even more significantly, we have tycoons who came into wealth through “wuru-wuru” and “mago-mago.” These men are hardly Nigeria’s Bill Gates. On the contrary, they don’t have a clue what to do with their dubious wealth, and they are ignorant about wealth-creation. As such, they add little of value to the Nigerian project. Their praises may be sung today by their horde of parasitical hangers-on, but they will not be remembered for good when they are gone. As mysteriously as their wealth materialized, so will it vanish.

These men became rich through some of the following tried and tested methods, which can be relied upon to lead to one’s inclusion in the Nigerian Book of Irrelevant Rich Men. If you want to get rich quick, here is the Nigerian blueprint. But please, don’t tell anyone I “wiki-leaked” this highly-classified national secret to you.

1. Rob a bank 

This strategy has gone through some transition. Bank-robbers used to be men of the underworld who held banks hostage at gunpoint and then made off with the cash. However, it was soon recognised that this approach has distinct disadvantages. You might get arrested and jailed. Even worse, you might get shot. It also became apparent that banks carry limited amounts of cash.Therefore, a successful bank robbery of this violent kind might only land you perhaps 50 million naira tops, which is not even enough to buy or build a house in Banana Island. There is a better way to rob a bank with far limited risk. Simply establish a bank. 

When you establish a bank, you can rob the bank every day without a gun. When people deposit money in your bank, they don’t know that they are handing over their life-savings to a thief. You then rob the bank you establish in a number of imaginative ways. For example, you can lend money to your bank and then charge it a very high interest-rate. Better still, you can borrow billions from your bank and simply forget to pay it back. Or, you can use the money deposited in your bank to buy houses and then rent them out as branches to your bank at exorbitant prices.

This approach is guaranteed to make you a few billion naira until the EFCC policemen come calling. When they do, you can quickly fall sick, spend a few months in Deluxe Hospital Hotel and then relocate to your village to enjoy your wealth, never to be heard of again.

2. Join the PDP. 

This one is a sure banker. As a member of the greatest party in the history of Africa, you will be given a credit-card to spend Nigeria’s oil wealth. If you are not getting enough attention in the party, make a lot of noise. Abuse Tinubu on the pages of the newspapers and call Buhari an idiot. Insist that Goodluck Jonathan should not only run for re-election unopposed in 2015, there should be a constitutional amendment to make him a life-president. This is a tell-tale sign that you are hungry; and the powers-that-be will soon invite you to “come and chop.” 

As a distinguished member of this great party, the opportunities open for you to set yourself up for life are considerable. For example, you can start collecting billions for petroleum subsidy and simply not import any petrol whatsoever. You can get the government to change all car license-plates nationwide; and then become the sole supplier of the new license-plates. You can ask the president to make you the sole importer and distributor of diesel for the entire country. Of course, this might also entail that you become the chairman of his re-election campaign, to which you duly make a handsome contribution. Alternatively, you can ask to be chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

Nobody will bat an eyelid when, within a matter of months, you have a fleet of cars, have two or three houses in Asokoro, and own four hotels in Dubai. You may even kick out your wife and marry a fourteen-year-old “Suzie” befitting your new status. You have arrived as one of Nigeria’s celebrated rich men. But keep your eyes on the ball. Don’t get distracted or carried away. The enemies of Mr. President must always remain your enemies.

3. Start a mega-church 

This one is pure genius. Peradventure you lose your job or fall on hard times. Don’t go into depression. Just start a church. Make it a purpose-built church. Think of something that men need. Tell them you have the anointing to provide it. Tell them whoever wants to be a billionaire should come to your church. Start a few of your messages with “Thus says the Lord.” Then teach your congregation the everlasting principles of sowing and reaping.

Make sure they understand that if they really want God to bless them financially, they first have to give you as much money as possible. Create a special prayer group for millionaires and billionaires. That way, if they get any new government contract they will attribute it to the efficacy of your prayers and credit something big into your bank account. Tell everybody to give you their “first-fruits.” That is a code word for their entire January salaries. Then come up with imaginative offerings to collect, such as “prophet’s offering,” (you, of course, being the prophet); “Father, Son and Holy Ghost offerings;” “Jesus will do it offering.” 

Very soon, you will be flying your own private jet to preach your gospel in Ilesha; you will be wearing white Armani suits and jerry-curling your hair; you will be collecting gate-fees for new years’ eve services; billionaire thieves and robbers will be queuing up to see your private-secretary on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway; and you will be inviting Bill Clinton to open your multi-billion naira Tower of Babylon in Osapa-London. In short, you will be living large. For good measure, you will also be slapping demons out of poor bewitched damsels with impunity.

4. Become a mule 

There is high demand for this job. There are many politicians and men of timber and caliber looking for >a>mules; men who can keep stolen money for them, or smuggle it to safe havens abroad. This is a highly lucrative job because for every ten billion naira you smuggle, you can pocket one billion. Don’t get greedy and come to the conclusion that you can make off with the entire loot. That is a sure way to have assassins on your tail. Before they kill you, they will first break your legs. If you are caught while smuggling money abroad, you can easily escape and come back home dressed as a woman. Then you can get a national merit award.

If you are a mule for a president or a governor, you are set up for life. You will get 24 hours military protection so that no petty thief can come near you. You will get to travel all over the world. You will get free medical check-ups, so that you don’t just fall down one day and die. That would be disastrous, especially if your sponsor does not know exactly where you kept his loot, or if he does not have the password to the secret account you opened for it in the Bahamas in the name of Ali Baba.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have an open marriage????

Last week actress Paula Patton and singer Robin Thicke's marriage was engulfed by scandal after a photo posted on Instagram showed Robin Thicke groping the butt of a 20 year old groupie at the VMAs after party (photo on the right). Now the groupie in question, identified as Lara Scolaro, is claiming that she and Robin hooked up that night and that his wife Paula Patton was cool with it.
From Life & Style

In an exclusive interview in the new issue of Life & Style, Lana Scolaro reveals that not only did she hook up with Robin that night, but she did so while Paula was just a few feet away. "I don’t think he cared what she thought,” Lana tells Life & Style. “I was with him the whole night!”
The two had met the week before at a friend’s party, and she says he immediately approached her at the 1Oak VMAs shindig with the pick-up line, “I just love the fact that you’re so young. His hands were everywhere,” says Lana.
Lana says that initially she pushed him away because he's a married man, but that Robin told her Paula was “chill” and even encouraged Lana to talk to her.
And his bad behavior only continued as Robin led Lana into his car to leave the nightclub and, oddly, his wife joined them. They all headed to a bash at a suite in the Greenwich Hotel, where Robin and Lana got closer on the couch.
“I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was standing there,” she tells Life & Style. “He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!’”
Though he tried, Lana tells Life & Style that they kept getting interrupted. But when the party broke up at 8 a.m., Lana says he gave her his number and said he would see her soon during NYC Fashion Week.
 Stories like this just irritate me but oh well its their life

George Zimmerman's wife files for divorce

Shellie Zimmerman filed divorce papers last week Thursday against George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Shellie, a 26-year-old nurse, pleaded guilty to perjury Aug. 28 for lying about the family's finances during one of George Zimmerman's hearings leading up to his trial. She was sentenced to a year's probation and 100 hours' community service.

she had this to say
"It's difficult to communicate with your spouse when you're under so much scrutiny from both sides, and I think we both have been fighting for our own individual struggles to be heard by each other, and that's been difficult," she said.

Saying the couple had been living "like gypsies" since her husband was arrested, she added: "It got very crazy. living with bodyguards. It kind of feels like you're with a babysitter. You really can't make any choices for yourself anymore. ... We were in hiding. We were in the woods."

After everything?!

Ex Beauty Queen Susan Hart married to Chief Sunny Koku

Wish them Happy Married life!!!!

Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo is not gay see proof

Culled from Stella Dimokokorkus blog
I called Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo a few days ago and wanted him to confirm whether he was gay or not as his girlfriend had publicly come out to indirectly say so.I also asked him why he had not debunked the story and he refused to comment at first but later said he didnt believe Emelda would say anything negative about him because of how close they were and he was confused as to what to say,do or believe.I asked for Emelda's number and he gave it to me.

I called the Emelda and after hearing what i had to say,she cut the phone and i couldnt get her again and she later switiched it back on and said her battery died.she refused to talk and said she had to confirm from Bneson who i was first....I called her back but she didnt pick again until two the next day.I asked her questions and told her it was dangerous now accusing someone of being gay,especially an actor and i asked her if she didnt know it might affect his career,she was quiet and replied in a very confrontational tone.

she denied that she sent any email or called any blogger to give out any info and i asked her who did
''I am not the one who contacted Linda,i dont even know her''after a while she added ''it is my friend who did it not me''.

She confirmed  that her close friend sent in the story but did it because Benson put a pic of her out there and he wasnt the only one she was dating and the picture he put out made her have problems with the other man she was dating.She said ''benson and i have something i wont lie but Aunty,we are not that serious,you are the only person i am telling this,the person i am serious with has quarelled with me because of the pictures,Benson had other good photos with him but he used that one because he said people have been calling him gay and he wanted to show to them who his girlfreind was but he didnt tell me first before he sent it to Linda and i was very shocked and embarrassed.what is even paining me now is that he has refused to see me so i wont say anything to debunk the story on Linda's blog until Benson comes to see me and apologise for using my picture without telling me.i want to see him and tell him some things.I lost my dad and i am preparing for burial now so i cant say much''

I asked her if Benson is gay and she said ''no,he is not but i will not help him correct it until i see him.i know it is affecting his career but it is also affecting me as a woman,how can he just put my pic out there like
that,i was getting calls from my relations abroad telling me they saw the picture and it was not good,it was embarrassing for me.until i see him.we will debunk it together but he has to come and see me first,if he goes behind my back to quote me ,i will take him to court''

She then told me that Benson sent her Linda's BB pin and she had added Linda and had pinged her but she had not replied but she later went to tell Linda that Benson had given me her number to try and debunk the story but that she didnt respond to me.

She later sent me an sms from her 080371.....number pleading ''Aunty pls,leave it the way it is,dont write anything on behalf...plsssss...incase''

I called her today to let her know i was doing the story anyway but she didnt pick today so i sent her an sms to ask her why she was still going on lying about not talking to me on a story i was still writing and her response was

''is that why you were calling are lucky i didnt pick your call..let me tell you,is better you respect yourself and allow dis case end dis way becoz you dont know the damages dis have caused me''

I replied her telling her i was doing the story and quoting everything which she had said and she replied

''Do i look like am scared.i pity u n your instinct.dont have much to say till i see anything on your blog,den you will know the real Emelda''

Another sms followed

''Jobless human being,i pity d guy (ben)u will put in trouble and wat comes out of it wen u write rubbish dat i didnt say''-

Another sms followed

''i wil mak sure i spnd my last blood on dis if i hear anytin about mi dat i didnt say coz d damages is enof i dnt lik tlking much...Godless.''

Another sms followed

''I will be a big fool to rply again...dnt hv tym for bullshit now till it become serious matter....''

Blog Visitor over to una,read this post and be the judge...hell indeed hath no fury when a woman is angry!

*It is exactly what Emelda said i quoted in this post and i am wondering what she is going on about...I am also expecting her to come here with her last blood to drop anonymous comments cussing me out.
Enjoy the fame Emelda,it might last more than five minutes!

Nawa oh

Give us back the car!! Miss Nigeria Organisers V Miss Nigeria (ex)

Miss Nigeria pageant organisers Daily Times Nigeria and Miss Nigeria 2011 queen Feyi Sodipo are currently not enjoying the best of relationship. They have been at loggerheads for sometime now over Daily Times' attempt to take back the Hyundai Accent Feyi was given after being crowned the winner of the 2011 Miss Nigeria pageant. The organizers are yet to disclose why they want to take the car back but Feyi believes it's because she got another car from the Ogun state government for being an ambassador for the state. A few weeks back there were reports that three people were arrested after they tried to forcefully retrieve the car from Feyi and even kidnap her.
Feyi spoke with Encomium mag about the incident and other troubles with Daily Times. She said:

"They have been trying to take my car for months now. They have been harassing me all around to surrender the car. The first time they tried it, they tried to for my car open. The second time I had to drive into a police station where the car was impounded and later released to me. Later, the Lagos Police Command invited me for a meeting. They spoke to me and Mr Anosike (Daily Times MD) and they requested I provided the car.

I told them it was in Ogun state and they gave me three policemen to follow me to Ogun state to retrieve the car, that's where the kidnap story came from. I don't understand why they keep requesting for a car I won alongside the crown at the pageant. Maybe because I was given another car by Ogun state governor for being an ambassador, but even at that it's still my car. There was never an agreement that I should return the car after my reign. The car is presently with the police. I feel so harassed and humiliated. I didn't enjoy my reign. Even when I wanted to go abroad for my scholarship, I couldn't do that because when I asked for my scholarship which was part of what I won at the pageant, they told me it had expired. They didn't do anything for me as a beauty queen. I was not even invited to this year's pageant. I was the last queen and I should have crowned the next one, but they didn't even invite me."
A rep of the Miss Nigeria pageant, managing editor of Daily Times, Mrs Isabella Osamor said...
"I really don't know the genesis of the whole thing. All I know is that Feyi has two cars and we wanted to recover one and we have asked the police to do that, so the matter is now between her and the police not us. 

Please can they tell us why they want to reretrieve the car she won fair and square

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stella Damasus V Sen. Yerima!!!

Rita Dominic Talks About The Man Of Her Dreams....Find Out Who He Is!

From the interview below its no wonder Rita is perceived the way she is....
Apparently the 'press' put pressure on her last relationshop and it broke up
She is naturally a shy person

And has been heartbroken twice?
She is single and searching?
And she was born to act!

She speaks on everything you ever need to know about herself...please listen to her interview and enjoy all she says

Watch her interview with Toolz 

Tribute to Good Fathers Dead or Alive

The poem is in praise of a father who does not sing his own praises and therefore others sing his.


© Karen K. Boyer
He never looks for praises
He's never one to boast
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most
His dreams are seldom spoken
His wants are very few
And most of the time his worries
Will go unspoken too
He's there.... A firm foundation
Through all our storms of life
A sturdy hand to hold to
In times of stress and strife
A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad
One of our greatest blessings,
The man that we call Dad.

In Memory Poem

In memory of my dad RIP, who I love and miss dearly.

My Dad

© Leah Hendrie
If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving father
Who had a heart of gold

If could write a million pages
But still be unable to say, just how
Much I love and miss him
Every single day

I will remember all he taught me
I'm hurt but won't be sad
‘coz he'll send me down the answers
And he'll always be MY DAD
My first post on this blog is about fathers...I guess thats simply because we tend to underrate the first man we ever knew and loved the first man we ever completely put our trust in and in some cases the only man to never break our heart. This of course applies only to good fathers and I'll
say a little prayer for them that God will never let them go unrewarded.
Is your Dad still alive? Do you appreciate him? Is your Dad no longer with us? How do you cope without him? Remember that God said he is the father of the fatherless and he will never forsake us