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Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo is not gay see proof

Culled from Stella Dimokokorkus blog
I called Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo a few days ago and wanted him to confirm whether he was gay or not as his girlfriend had publicly come out to indirectly say so.I also asked him why he had not debunked the story and he refused to comment at first but later said he didnt believe Emelda would say anything negative about him because of how close they were and he was confused as to what to say,do or believe.I asked for Emelda's number and he gave it to me.

I called the Emelda and after hearing what i had to say,she cut the phone and i couldnt get her again and she later switiched it back on and said her battery died.she refused to talk and said she had to confirm from Bneson who i was first....I called her back but she didnt pick again until two the next day.I asked her questions and told her it was dangerous now accusing someone of being gay,especially an actor and i asked her if she didnt know it might affect his career,she was quiet and replied in a very confrontational tone.

she denied that she sent any email or called any blogger to give out any info and i asked her who did
''I am not the one who contacted Linda,i dont even know her''after a while she added ''it is my friend who did it not me''.

She confirmed  that her close friend sent in the story but did it because Benson put a pic of her out there and he wasnt the only one she was dating and the picture he put out made her have problems with the other man she was dating.She said ''benson and i have something i wont lie but Aunty,we are not that serious,you are the only person i am telling this,the person i am serious with has quarelled with me because of the pictures,Benson had other good photos with him but he used that one because he said people have been calling him gay and he wanted to show to them who his girlfreind was but he didnt tell me first before he sent it to Linda and i was very shocked and embarrassed.what is even paining me now is that he has refused to see me so i wont say anything to debunk the story on Linda's blog until Benson comes to see me and apologise for using my picture without telling me.i want to see him and tell him some things.I lost my dad and i am preparing for burial now so i cant say much''

I asked her if Benson is gay and she said ''no,he is not but i will not help him correct it until i see him.i know it is affecting his career but it is also affecting me as a woman,how can he just put my pic out there like
that,i was getting calls from my relations abroad telling me they saw the picture and it was not good,it was embarrassing for me.until i see him.we will debunk it together but he has to come and see me first,if he goes behind my back to quote me ,i will take him to court''

She then told me that Benson sent her Linda's BB pin and she had added Linda and had pinged her but she had not replied but she later went to tell Linda that Benson had given me her number to try and debunk the story but that she didnt respond to me.

She later sent me an sms from her 080371.....number pleading ''Aunty pls,leave it the way it is,dont write anything on behalf...plsssss...incase''

I called her today to let her know i was doing the story anyway but she didnt pick today so i sent her an sms to ask her why she was still going on lying about not talking to me on a story i was still writing and her response was

''is that why you were calling are lucky i didnt pick your call..let me tell you,is better you respect yourself and allow dis case end dis way becoz you dont know the damages dis have caused me''

I replied her telling her i was doing the story and quoting everything which she had said and she replied

''Do i look like am scared.i pity u n your instinct.dont have much to say till i see anything on your blog,den you will know the real Emelda''

Another sms followed

''Jobless human being,i pity d guy (ben)u will put in trouble and wat comes out of it wen u write rubbish dat i didnt say''-

Another sms followed

''i wil mak sure i spnd my last blood on dis if i hear anytin about mi dat i didnt say coz d damages is enof i dnt lik tlking much...Godless.''

Another sms followed

''I will be a big fool to rply again...dnt hv tym for bullshit now till it become serious matter....''

Blog Visitor over to una,read this post and be the judge...hell indeed hath no fury when a woman is angry!

*It is exactly what Emelda said i quoted in this post and i am wondering what she is going on about...I am also expecting her to come here with her last blood to drop anonymous comments cussing me out.
Enjoy the fame Emelda,it might last more than five minutes!

Nawa oh

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