Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are You a Reacher or Settler?

Photo: Hottie (Johnny Depp) and his ugly wife.

For those of us who are fans of How I Met Your Mother we came across these words ‘reachers’ and ‘settlers’ for the first time on the show.
Now I know it’s just a sitcom but what if these principles actually apply in real life. I know some of us have actually thought about it and have sort of labelled ourselves accordingly. Heck some bloggers have even brought it up a few times but before I go on, for those that do not really get this yet;

A reacher is a person that dates someone above their ‘league’, ‘class’  ‘social standing’

A settler is someone who dates a person below their ‘league’ etc they sort of settle for their partner with belief that they can do better (and they usually can)

Without further ado, let’s get down. Take this quiz to find out what you are

1.       Your partner earns more money than you a)True b)False

2.       Females: Your partner should be Trey Songz brother or something he should be on magazine covers because he has got the body of a Greek god and the face of O MG!!! Or at least close to all this..... meanwhile you are pretty good looking and all you dress well whatever but you don’t expect to be on any magazine covers anytime soon   a) True b)False

Males: Halle Berry ain’t got nothing on your partner she’s everything a man craves for in the looks department she could easily be a top model if she wanted or at least something close to these......meanwhile you are errrrrr weeelllll not that bad your mum thinks you are the most handsome guy around so other people can go to hell right a) True b) False

3.       Your partner is easily a bran box he/she always has great ideas is witty has great problem solving  capacities and don’t forget was one of the brightest kids in school still is by the way if he/she is still in school......meanwhile you simply admire your partners intellectual capabilities but just can’t figure out how he/she does it  a)True b) False

4.       Your partner just needs to blurt out his/her surname for doors to be opened for him/her, while you wouldn’t even dare that a)True b)False

5.       Your partner practically has to fight people off him/her I mean its normal for everyone to have admirers but to be honest your partner whether male or female has more admirers than you a) True b)False

There are five questions in all if you answered at least 3 with B’s then I guess you are a Settler

If you answered at least 3 with A’s then I guess you are a Reacher

You are not alone though here are famous examples of reachers and settlers 

Russell Brand
Katy Perry
Victoria Beckham
David Beckham
Heidi Klum
Tom Brady
Ron Weasley
Hermoine Granger
Peter Griffin
Lois Griffin
Mike Delfino
Susan Meyers

Don’t get it twisted though this is just for fun but feel free to correct me where you think I’m wrong
Thank you!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a settler yay looll

Anonymous said...

I'm also a settler! Winks*

killer inStincts said...

I'm also a setler however wanting more from ur better half is actually nt a bad thing
For all of u feeling like rock stars for beong setlers ..I think u neeed help

Anonymous said...

Omg... Since when did Mike Delfino become a reacher?! Susan is absolutely crazy and all the females in Wisteria Lane is into Mike... How many times has Susan been in fights with those ladies?