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What your skin needs and where to get it


Your definitive guide to navigating all of the skin care ingredients you've heard of, but never understood.
What is it? A naturally occurring stimulant
What does it do?Kick-starts the draining of fluid to target puffiness in the under-eye area. Also tightens skin.  
Best for: Tired-looking eyesWhere you can find itBright Sublime Eye cream 
What is it? An anti-ageing nutrient that is naturally made by the soya bean
What does it do? Acts on a genetic level to stimulate youthful looking skin. It counteracts dryness, maintains skin cell turnover and helps firm the skin’s structure.
Best for: Mature, ageing skin
Where you can find it:Time Reversing SkinGenist range 
What is it? An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that is naturally found in plants 
What does it do?Exfoliates the outer, dull layers of the skin by breaking the bonds between old skin cells to give way to new ones.
Best for: Anyone wanting radiant skin 
Where you can find it Ecollagen Serum
LINGON 50:50
What is it? An Oriflame active based on 50% lingonberry and 50% lingonberry leaf
What does it do? Antioxidants keep skin strong, detoxify and protect skin DNA against oxidative stress that causes damage. 
Best for: All skin
Where you can find itOptimals
What is it? Multi-Bright Technology is a combination of two plant-based ingredients dioric acid (an acid that’s found in olive oil) and Rumex Occidentalis (a Native American plant). It has been created by Oriflame. 
What does it do? Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its colour. Multi-Bright Technology targets all of the stages of melanin production to correct and prevent dark spots. It acts on three levels: it limits melanin production, treats existing discolouration and prevents future age spots. It has been clinically proven to reduce dark spots by 50%, out-performing other leading brightening treatments.
Best for: Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
Where you can find itNovage Bright Sublime skin care set.
What is it? A plant stem cell extract that is taken from cells found in the stems of a potato-like plant. Think of a plant’s cell wall as your skin’s elastin and collagen – it’s necessary for shape and structure. It’s mixed with tripeptides and sugars.
What does it do? Pro-Collagen peptides protect against the breakdown of collagen, which leads to older-looking skin. It stimulates and boosts the production of collagen to reduce the appearance of winkles. 
Best for: Mild wrinkles and ageing skin
Where you can find itEcollagen skin care set
What is it? An extract taken from a plant species that is native to Canada 
What does it do? It stops the production of tyrosinase (the enzyme which creates melanin) to stop age spots and discolouration. 

Best for: Even skin tone and hyperigmentation
Where can you find it: Optimals Even Out  
What is it? A high quality, natural ingredient that is taken from the leaves and twigs of the tea tree
What does it do? Because of its ability to target bacteria and sooth the skin, it’s an effective treatment for spots. It also reduces water loss and increases moisture in the skin. 
Best for: Blemishes and teenage skin
Where can you find itLove Nature Tea Tree Oil
What is it? A natural, Oriflame patented technology that boosts collagen. It’s made from natural peptides (proteins that are made from chains of amino acids) to target wrinkles.  
What does it do? To boost collagen, it uses three natural peptides: collagen peptide that is found in yeast, an energy peptide (from rice) that promotes cell production, and an anti-oxidant peptide taken from wheat that prevents cell damage from UV rays. These work together to plump wrinkles and treat signs of ageing. 
Best for: Wrinkles and ageing skin
Where you can find it:Ecollagen skin care set



At once classic and edgy, a smoky eye is an easy way to inject drama into your look. Drawing inspiration from some of our favourite celebrities, we’ve put together your definitive guide to the smoky eye trend.
The Subtle Smoky EyeKatie HolmesAlthough you may be tempted to reserve this look for the evening, a smoky eye looks just as amazing during the day. The key to the look? Avoid adding too much eye shadow and instead focus on a smudged eyeliner. Keep it simple like Katie Holmes, or add a pop of colour like Taylor Swift (blue!). 
The Dramatic Smoky Eye
The black smoky eye is a timeless – yet bold – choice. Take a cue from Iggy Azalea and create a grey ombre eye, or if you’re feeling daring, why not opt for thick, black eye shadow like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora? Leave your lips natural or nude; the key to mastering this look is to let you eyes do the talking.

Rita Ora Kim Kardashian Iggy Azalea 

Irina Shayk RihannaThe Bronze Smoky EyeThe most versatile smoky eye is the brown one. Not only does it suit all skin tones and hair colours, bronze tones won’t shrink your eyes the way black can. We’re looking to Rihanna for tips on how to master elegance, as she pairs russet tones with slicked back hair. Or, take a page out of Gwen Stefani’s book and neutralize an edgy haircut with softer makeup. Of course no one does “bombshell” like Irina Shayk, and we love the way she matches her chocolate coloured eye makeup with her hair.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Video Tutorial - 3 Mascara tricks to know

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In under a minute you’ll learn how to get the best lashes of your life – simply press play for our 3 mascara tricks!

The Lip Trends You Have to Try


This season it’s all about the lips. But the summer’s high-impact shades have been softened for autumn. From stained, youthful pouts, to bold, berry hues, this season let your lips do the talking.

The Fruity Lip
If you cast your mind back to AW15’s Fashion Week catwalks you’ll recall a stream of buoyant red lipstick. At Roksanda Ilincic, skin was kept bare with a dusting of blush and cherry tinged lip colour worn ultra-matte. Meanwhile ACNE Studios pronounced tomato-toned lips the must-wear shade. Hair was scraped back to grant lips maximum attention.

Layered Lip Colour
To achieve deep, dark red stamped lips you’ll need to layer it on. At Marchesa, robust wine coloured lips were heavily glossed to match wet-look eyes. To carry off such deep-shades you’ll need to prime lips first and rim with a firm lip line. Carolina Herrera and Dolce & Gabbana also layered their trademark cardinal tones, but lips were kept matte and paired with feline eyes.

Popsicle Pouts
For the likes of Chlo√© and Topshop Unique, autumn’s beauty uniform is fresh and pretty. Flushed cheeks, naked eyes and handsome brows formed the canvas for raspberry stained pouts. The effect: just-bitten lips with a lick of popsicle-hued gloss. Natural radiance at its finest. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

5 Tricks for Larger-Looking Lips!


Today, plump, pillowy lips are a beauty mainstay. But if you’re not naturally blessed with a full pout (and most of us aren’t) – don’t fret. Oriflame Artistic Director Jonas Wramell offers his tricks for faking larger lips with makeup.

“Colour and light play a large part in how big or small our lips appear. If your objective is to have fuller-looking lips, you should stay away from very dark colours and choose light ones instead. It’s basic colour theory: When light reflects off surfaces it tricks the eye into thinking an area is larger than it actually is. But very dark surfaces absorb light, which makes them appear to shrink. I’m not saying that you should throw out your red lipstick just yet, but look for a brighter red instead of deep red-brown and plum shades.”

“The easiest way to fake fuller-looking lips is a technique I call “the converted lip liner”. Use a nude eye pencil or a concealer to lightly rim or draw dots along your upper lip line, blending and smudging with a small brush. This trick enhances your natural lip line and gives the illusion of volume - you don’t even need to use a lip liner. Do it carefully though, you don’t want to look like you just drank a glass of milk!”

“Another trick is to play with light (you already learnt the basics in tip 1!).  If you dab some highlighter or concealer onto the middle of your bottom and top lip, light will bounce off this area. This will pull your lips forward to create a fuller-looking pout.” 
"When lights reflects off surfaces it tricks the eye into thinking an area is larger than it actually is"

“If sparkles, shimmer, and highlighters aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s another trick – ombr√© lips. For this, you’ll need two lip shades: one darker colour to outline your lips and a lighter one for the inner part of your lower and upper lips. Trace your natural lip line in a dark coloured lipstick or lip pencil – you can make this line slightly larger than your natural lip size. Then use your lighter shade in the centre of your lip blending the two colours together. Again, by playing with light you’re amping up the 3D effect.”

“Lip gloss! Simple yet effective: layering a clear gloss over your favourite light coloured lipstick will not only add shine, it will also create a reflective surface for an instant power-pout.”
Words by: Photographs by: Kristin Wreyford



Street style has become just as major as the runway shows themselves, so every time New York Fashion Week rolls around, we’ve got our eyes off-catwalk to scout the season’s biggest hair and beauty trends. Here are 5 of our favourites.
A messy bun
The messy bun has graduated from gym class to street style staple. We spotted Nicky Hilton and Elena Perminova between shows, nailing the look. Whatever the occasion, sweeping your strands into a topknot is a chic way to keep hair off your neck when the temperatures heat-up.
Yes, the trend is back in full-force (Valentino’s been confirming it for a while now). This low-maintenance do, trialed by Beyonce, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne will give a '90s edge to your look—and we're all about that at the moment!

Hot pink lips
Fuchsia flatters most skin tones; enhancing your complexion and making your teeth look whiter at the same time – what’s not to like? The street style starlets wore this bold – yet feminine – trend matte, with a lick of black eyeliner and dramatic lashes.

What you’ll need:
The ONE Colour Unlimited LipstickThe One Eye Liner Stylo, The ONE Volume BlastMascara

Messy and undone 
Low maintenance ladies rejoice! After seasons of slick up dos, hair is taking a more relaxed, just-out-of-bed approach. Think textured tresses that look air-dried (whether or not they actually are). Talk about easy to achieve! Dry shampoo anyone?

Dark lips
Not a fan of bright lips? You’re in luck, because their opposite is equally on-point. An easy way to add edge to your look, take your cue from Jordan Dunne who rocked matte, burgundy lips whilst off-duty in New York.

The essentials: Giordani Gold Iconic Matte Lipstick, HairX Volume Boost Dry Shampoo

Words by: Photographs by: Getty images

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Face mapping: What your breakout is trying to tell you


Does your skin breakout in the same part of your face time and time again? According to the ancient Chinese tradition of face mapping, where you experience skin problems is directly linked to your inner health. So that pesky spot that keeps reappearing on your chin could indicate that your kidneys in fact needs a helping-hand – here’s what it all means.

Face mapping enthusiasts believe that the forehead reflects the health of your nervous and digestive systems. Breakouts across your forehead typically indicate stress, so try to indulge in some relaxing practices like yoga or meditation. And to aid with digestion drink your daily dose of water and add more whole grains, fruit and vegetables to your diet.   

If you’re experiencing problem skin in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows, there may be an imbalance in your kidneys, stomach or liver. Cut down on drinking alcohol, eating rich food and smoking, as these habits can strain these systems. And look out for intolerances like dairy and wheat.  

Practitioners believe that the nose is a reflection of the rest of your respiratory system, mainly your lungs and heart. Check your blood pressure and opt for low GI foods if you have acne here. And switch meat, coffee, alcohol and spicy foods for lighter alternatives. 

Chinese medicine often refers to the left and right sides of your body. If pimples are popping up on your right cheek, your lungs may need a helping hand. Regular cardio and breathing exercises can strengthen this organ, and don’t smoke! The right cheek is also linked to sugar-intake so cut back on the cookies.

The left cheek is connected to your liver, so avoid alcohol and fatty foods if you’re experiencing breakouts here - a healthy diet and lifestyle will help your liver do its job right.

Problems in this area may suggest an imbalance of the small intestine, avoid very cold drinks and keep a food diary so you can eliminate the triggers of flare-ups.

Your spleen, digestive system or kidneys might be the culprit of these skin problems, so make sure your diet is healthy and your lifestyle is active. Spots on your chin can indicate a hormone imbalance, particularly when they appear close to your period – see your dermatologist who may be able to advise on treatment.

Blemishes here can be linked to your intestine and colon so eat a high in fibre-diet and drink lots of water. This can also be linked to dental issues, so make sure you take good care of your teeth. And finally, like the chin, an “acne beard” can be linked to your hormones – see a dermatologist if the problem persists. 

THE SKIN CARE EXPERT’S ADVICE, MGALEADI“In addition to a healthy lifestyle, a skin care routine that targets your specific concerns, is an essential way to keep your skin healthy. Keeping your phone and makeup brushes clean, avoiding touching your face and using clean hands to apply your skin care products may be a quick-fix for spots on your cheeks. And if you get a sudden outbreak make sure it’s not a reaction to any of your products – this can be quite common. Long term acne sufferers, should always seek the help of a dermatologist who will be able to help them treat the root of their problem.“
Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame

From TV Screen to Business Dream


When we asked a colleague to describe Silvana Zdravkoska in three words, they responded: professional, balanced and completely lovable. We couldn’t agree more. The former television host and animal lover is set to become Macedonia’s biggest success story. If you’re looking to be inspired, read on.

You were a TV host before joining Oriflame; how did you discover the brand?
Yes, for five years, I was part of the “Friends” team - a television show about pets. I first discovered Oriflame when I was at secondary school, the time when every young woman starts looking for her perfect beauty brand.

And how did you start out with Oriflame?
I joined Oriflame as a beauty consultant because I wanted to enjoy the consultant benefits and because I loved – and still love – the brand. During my studies, I was looking to make a little extra income and since I already knew my great sponsor Vukica, I discovered the Oriflame business opportunity and quickly realised it was the ideal job for me.

“You’ll meet people similar to you, with spirit, passion and positive Oriflame energy...”
How does a career in television and one with Oriflame compare?
I actually think that they’re very similar. Working with animals gives me as much positivity as working with people does. Both professions consist of great energy– plus Oriflame never tests its products on animals!

At only 26, you’re just three catalogues away from being Macedonia’s youngest Director, how does it feel?
Oh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get through these catalogues – it will be my greatest success ever.

What would be your advice to other women trying to build their own beauty businesses?
I feel honoured to share the wonderful opportunities that Oriflame has to offer when it comes to building a business and a career. Your work hours are flexible, beautiful women surround you, you get to try out the latest cosmetic products and know what all the latest fashions and trends are; in my opinion, it’s the perfect job for a modern 21st-century woman!

Have you used social media to grow your business?
Yes, of course! In the era of social media, it’s definitely necessary to use it. I have a Facebook fan page that helps me promote my business and attract young women to become a part of my team.

You have your own beauty school in Macedonia; how did that come about?
Every woman wants to look nice, earn money and have fun at the same time; only with Oriflame, you can have it all. But if you want to look really beautiful, you need to know the right tricks, so I decided to share them with those who want to earn money with me. This was how my beauty school was born; today over 100 girls have taken part.

You’ve travelled to Egypt and Spain with Oriflame – where’s next?
I believe it will be the 50th anniversary Gold Conference; it’s been my dream since I started working with Oriflame.

What does a typical conference look like?
It’s indescribable; you really have to experience an Oriflame conference to understand what I mean. You can visit every destination in the world if you have enough money, but that kind of energy, organisational style and amount of fun is completely unique to Oriflame - you won’t find it anywhere else.

What’s your favourite thing about travelling with Oriflame?
As I said before, Oriflame organises its conferences in a very professional way; however, my favourite thing is the people. You’ll meet people similar to you, with the same spirit, passion and positive energy – I just love it.

Where would your dream destination be?
When I was a child, I used to say that my honeymoon destination would be Egypt. However, Oriflame brought me there before I got married! Now, I need to think about a new destination for my honeymoon. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to visit Russia and I do hope that one day my dream will come true. Let’s see what happens!

Words by: Photographs by: Aleksandar Lazarov