Monday, 30 September 2013

In the name of fashion???


One day, my friend was in the saloon minding her own business when a lady walked in.
I don't know if there are contact lens users in the house because they can best relate to this.
Well this lady, walked in with brand new contact lens and eyelashes for fixing. When this lady was done fixing her lashes she asked the saloonist to insert the contact lens for her.
There are some necessary precautions that must be taken before you put on contact lens for the sake of your sanity.
Your hands must be clean. Washed with water not soap.
Nails short.
This well meaning saloonist didn't know this.Her hands were oily(shes a saloonist) and I doubt her nails were short enough.
Anyway during the whole inserting process nothing told the girl to shout for help and run out of the saloon with bulging red eyes....
There's  saying that goes 'A man who asks questions never gets lost'
Have a nice day!!!


Ogechi Chukwu said...
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Adebiyi Ayorinde said...

I think something is wrong with some ladies sha, God has given you the right pupils, very attractive and beautiful, I don't know why u must insert lens again. When you do that, it looks as if you are telling God that he did not complete his work on you when he created you....

Eze wanyi said...