Thursday, 3 October 2013

10 Reasons she won't sleep with you (yet)


Are you stressed out and constantly worried as to why your dream woman won't go the extra mile with you? Well Sabrina is here to help. These are some of the reasons why

  • She's still a virgin: She cant compromise this yet. Most virgins will usually tell you that they are and aren't ready to give it up yet.
  • She doesn't love you enough:She just can't imagine being intimate with you because probably the thought of you on her makes her skin crawl.
  • She doesn't trust you enough: She wants the relationship for the long haul and she probably feels that once you've had it you will be out the door in a second.
  • You havent paid your dues:If she is after the money you probably have not given her enough for her to give you some.
  • You are unhygienic: I know love conquers all but dude if you have mouth odor, armpit odour, leg odour, down there odour, you dont shave your ahem parts, the list goes on, she won't want to go that extra mile with you. God forbid!
  • You aren't unattractive: You dont take time to look sharp. Brush your teeth were clean attractive clothes, wear good shoes ,always look your best and see if she won't be moved.
  • You are boring: Read books, watch movies, ask your cool friends to teach you how to talk to a woman, how to be with a woman to make her want more of you.
  • You are rude: I know women love bad boys sometimes but if your own is over the top I'm sorry but you ain't getting some. Every woman wants to feel like a prncess every once in a while treat her good and see the results.
  • She is in another serious relationship : You are just a male friend to keep her company till she resolves the issues with her man.
  • She is testing you: To see if you are worth al the hassle. It will do you good to pass this test because then you will have her on a platter of gold all your life.
That's all folks
Have a nice day!!                                                                                            


Adebiyi Ayorinde said...

Hmmm, nice share. I hope I will get laid when I put all this into practice.....

Wait a minute, my pastor will kill me if I get laid without marriage lolz.

Ogechi Chukwu said...

Lool Ayorinde nice to see u here hope to get more comments from u

Adebiyi Ayorinde said...

Of course.... Nice blog.... So will always chip in my comments.