Friday, 11 October 2013

Help! I married my Mother

Hello Sabrina, love your blog I choose to remain anonymous for now because of the embarrassing situation I'm in.
You see, I grew up as an orphan
in an orphanage home but due to free education and cheap government schools I made it to the secondary school level. After that I couldn't further because I had no sponsors. I've always been aware of my good looks and sexual prowess so I ended up being a gigolo. I did that for some years before a nice sugar mummy decided to sponsor me in school abroad ( because she spends time away from her family there most of the time and she wanted me handy). I finished my course there and got a good job. I worked there for merely a year before I was sacked for sleeping with a co worker. I was confused because it was consensual. It was when she got pregnant she cried wolf. They tagged it harassment and let me go. Well I decided to relocate back to Nigeria and look for a job here.
Then I met her. She was obviously older but she was gorgeous and she liked to do 'it' a lot. She had plenty money and she spoilt me a lot. She said sometimes she feels like i'm her son that she has to take care of me. I fell in-love with her and we had a low key wedding.
One day she was cleaning up and saw my documents and saw my middle name which she called out( its a very unique name one of a kind due to the circumstances of my birth, I did a change of name after my university education that is why she never knew). She knew I was an orphan and didn't know my parents but when she saw that name she became weak. She had to sit down and call me. Immediately she put her hands behind my ear and felt it, she looked closely at it and saw a mark and that was when she fainted.
I rushed her to the hospital and when she awoke she told me she wanted to remain there and that I should come back the next day. I was home when the doctor called and told me my wife had lost her baby, when i went back the next day she was cold, she followed me home and sent me on an errand to a far place.
When I came back, she had packed all her things and left me a note ' Daniel (not real name) I am your mother, we have committed an abomination, do not look for me. I am so ashamed'
Please Sabrina what do I do I am so confused!

Dear Mister Confused,
Well if you are a Christian,I advice you to pray because yes its an abomination and you should talk to your pastor. If you are not however, you should see a shrink because this will really leave you damaged and if possible, text your mother telling her to do these things too because wherever she is right now she is traumatized. You both need help and you should seek it.
Good luck! Every body deserves a second chance. 

Please my dear readers what do you think.

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