Wednesday, 2 October 2013

His twisted notion of faithulness

I have quite a number of male friends and an outrageous amount of brothers. I've lived with them and I've talked with them
and I've come to the conclusion that most men cheat without even comprehending that what they are doing is actually cheating. Say how! These are the things that men do that they never call cheating.
  • Having two girlfriends: A friend actually told me that his best friend is very good because he has only two girlfriends. His words "He is very good oh he is faithful to the two" at that point I knew one of us needed to have our head examined.
  • Having one main girlfriend and several others: A guy once asked me out by saying this "I love you very much and i want you to be my P1" when asked what it meant he said, "My main girlfriend" do I really need to tell you what I answered him?
  • Having one girlfriend and several sex partners: Trust me when i say they don't see it as anything. These girls are just more like sex toys to them really. But they will never tell you because you wont approve.
  • Having one girlfriend and occasional one offs: One off means one time sex with someone (learnt the word from Kristen Stewart). How can this be called cheating when they only had it once they say in their minds when you are going berserk.
When you find your man doing any of these yes he will cry and beg you for forgiveness but believe me that majority of men even during the pleading will not feel that they did anything wrong but only want to pacify their 'main woman'. Later on I might tell you how to deal with a cheating man but you might have to chat me privately so they won't catch on *winks*
Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

I hope girls don't cheat to bcos rite now I see that the guys are the only ones that have flings and one serious gf....this is injustice again d hommies.