Monday, 16 March 2015

Guess Who's Back!!!

Guess who's back back back back again gain gain...... I dunno why I just cant get over it because he's like the biggest white rapper or something I dunno anyway I've always loved him and all his songs.
Without much talk I'm back now sorry for the delay I hope you still love me...(pleasssseee)

Reasons why I went AWOL
1. Law School I just couldn't do the whole multitasking thing it demanded ALL of my attention and couldn't think of anything else except drafting charges and how to incorporate companies except you wanted me to bore you with that

2. My lappy got burnt TWICE yeah so much for bad luck huh

3. My luck turned around and I passed the Bar Finals and was busy getting called to the BAR yeah was called November 25th 2014 All glory to God!!!!

4. Waiting for a new laptop to fall from the sky which come to think of it, it actually did

So I'm back and I hope I'm better

I love you for your patronage you don't even know how much

Have a favor filled day!!!

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