Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Easy Ways to Achieve a Curvacious Figure

The year is no longer brand new but we are still in the first quarter so yes, you can still keep up the New years' resolution of staying fit *wink*. But this is much better, not only will you be fit you will get a more rounded figure simply by doing day to day activities . I'm saying all these because I'm  a personal beneficiary of these tips it's literally like a cheat code but before you know it you'll be shocked by the results just like I was when I looked at the mirror one blissful day....

  • Walking

Yeah its that easy don't be too lazy. Sometimes purposely park your car far away from your workplace so that you can put in those miles. Your well shaped behind will thank you for it not to mention your flat tummy.
  • Climbing the stairs

I know how frustrating it may be at times that's why we all prefer the elevator but trust me you'll start seeing results in no time if you can just ditch the elevator at times. It firms and increases your buttocks muscles.
  • Squats                                                                                                                                            

It cannot be over emphasized enough it does in fact work. This is how to do squats
  • Eat More Healthy Calories

    The emphasis here is on both more and healthy , it may be easy to eat more non healthy foods which is not what you want to do if your goal is to gain healthy weight .you need to be eating healthy calorie dense foods, those having high calorie per weight
    Healthy sources for high calorie foods:
    Beans ,legumes, starchy foods as potatoes yams and sweet potatoes, some fruits as grapes , figs and dates
    Nuts are great ,they supply healthy fats vitamins and minerals and can act as a great healthy snack . And of course there is full cream milk. 
  • Eat more frequently

    You probably cannot eat a big meal at one sitting
    To overcome this you need to eat more frequent smaller meals that you can tolerate and assimilate
    Eat around the clock . Time your meals and snacks to be three hours apart.
  • Never skip breakfast

    Break the fast before it breaks your weight gain efforts
    After seven to eight hours of fasting during sleep your body starts to shift to catabolic mode , it will start breaking down tissues for energy starting with stored glycogen then fats and muscles . You can prevent this from happening by having your first meal as early as possible.
  • Don’t sleep on an empty stomach

    If you are really determined to get that curvy body type ,try to have something light before going to bed to avoid running too low on energy while you are sleeping.
    once your blood sugar drops , your body will start breaking down your stored glycogen and muscles for energy,the absolute contrary to what you aim at. I for one do not take this for granted anymore and it has helped me achieve a rounded figure
  • Sleep

    Growth hormone is released during deep asleep while Cortisol is released when we are deprived from sleep . The former builds while the latter breaks down your muscles
    Try to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Stress management

    Stress will increase cortisol and muscle break down which can greatly hinder your weight gain efforts
  • Take it one step at a time

    Gaining healthy weight is a slow long journey
    Follow these advices , take it one step at a time
    And most importantly, enjoy it while you do it


jaycee said...

Nice work girl, kip it up!

Ogechi Chukwu said...

Aww Thank u Jaycee