Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My meeting with Aliko Dangote's girlfriend

It was a lazy evening and we were all sitting in the house complaining about how Nina bought two thousand naira beans that was tasteless and how she couldn't even share with me who travelled all the way across the country on her behalf.

Suddenly, everywhere went quiet, a little breeze blew and we heard the most sonorous voice ever beckoning Nina informing her of its presence. It stepped into our parlor amidst much anticipation as to what kind of human wears the kind of perfume that would fill a whole apartment in Lagos. When she stepped in we knew.Shehad the skin of mermaids, the smile of angels, and the eyes of a baby; oh those eyes, they exuded such innocence you would be willing to thrust your heart into her arms.

She smiled at us and greeted us while sitting down carelessly like she was not aware of the effect she had on us. I felt immediately sorry for my male friend in the room because even though he was incredibly handsome I could feel the over powering effect her beauty had on him.

Nina introduced us and I conversed with her lightly trying to hide the fact that I felt like a second hand citizen in her presence.

After we talked for a while we offered her the beans that nearly caused World War III in the house and she dismissed it with a wave of hand claiming she was dieting and instead offered us snack bars instead. The effect of the dieting was very clear because with that body she could easily pass for a super model.

The reason I was in Lagos that day, was for Nina's elaborate party that was supposed to take place on the sea and I was sure this mermaid will be happy to be near her people throughout the party. It was time to prepare and we had to shower, as Nina's most important people; I and Mermaid were allocated one room to share with a bathroom and for the first time in my life I was ashamed to take off my clothes. I have always been an unapologetic nudist terrorizing my friends with all my glory anytime I was indoors so this was a big deal! How could I become nude with this perfection near me? When she stripped, hard as I tried not to stare I saw a body that was both curvy and firm everything was still in place no sign of sagging or wear and tear her complexion was even all the way through well it had to be when she was using a cream that was worth the same amount as a Director’s salary.

We gisted as we prepared for the party shared make up checked out each other’s outfit and all that girly stuff. She seemed nice, soft spoken and easy to be with. She offered to drive me to the venue because she knew I couldn't possibly be with a car in Lagos when I’m coming from Abuja. When I saw the car I couldn't help but drool but of course you would if you see a car that cost ten million naira won't you.

We arrived at Nina's elaborate party and dined and wined with the rich, famous, and wanna be's Nina's boyfriend is a Lagos big boy so obviously we had a Lagos party. I think we bonded over the Lagos party or something because after the party when we were recovering Nina casually taunted the mermaid saying

'So Dangote has been your boo all this while and you've been keeping quiet forming nothing" to which she replied

"Is that something to brag about when he will soon leave me for the next one" She went on to tell us how hard she had to work on her body and her carriage to be in that position but she knew it will be over before she can say Jack.

I spinned back to consciousness, so one man will discard this queen of mermaids like a piece of trash because he has more money than he can use, because people of this world worship the very ground that he walks on, because he is the most successful businessman in Africa. Interesting how we take life too seriously some of us want to kill ourselves because of this life. Sit back and think what is your life all about what are you living for find your purpose pursue it but most of all be happy not because of anybody or what they can give you but because of yourself and your Creator.




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The beans tingy!! It was off d usuals for ladies..... Creative stuff mehn!

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Thank u soo much