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The Scandals of Petro. Minister Alison Madueke Part 1

How President Jonathan tried to cover up
*In June, she lost N2billion to a domestic staff
*Another attempt after 21 days
*Another $10million theft led to the $700m discovery
Goodluck Jonathan… another headache for a troubled President
When one realises what is happening around Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, one will be tempted to imagine the type of possible stealing and corruption going on within the Federal Government of Nigeria which certainly is mind boggling.

Information available on www.gongnews.net claims that $700 million was allegedly found in the house of Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke.

The huge sum in foreign currency was discovered recently by some security agents while conducting a search of the house of one her aides who resides within the minister’s house, but who allegedly stole $10 million from the Minister.

Police…stopped from following up on the suspects

Madueke, according to source admitted to the ownership of the huge sum of $700 million. 

“She must have kept that very particular money in her aide’s apartment, because the unnamed aide is said to be one of the trusted one among others”, our source stated.

It was further gathered that when this discovery was reported to President Goodluck Jonathan, the president felt so sad and disappointed, he immediately invited Diezani Alison Madueke to his office for questioning and rebuked her severely.

President Jonathan asked the Minister
 “for God’s sake what are you doing with $700 million in your home?”
Mrs. Madueke retorted 
“I am keeping the money for you”. 
How far this was true could not be double-checked. It is however gathered that President Jonathan just smiled and promptly asked her to go in peace.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has been criticised by many Nigerians as being the most corrupt considering the president’s feeble stance on corruption.

The N2billion theft: The last might not have been heard about the proflicacy and indulgence of Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke, the embattled Honourable Minister of Petroleum who has hardly been able to wriggle herself out of the myriad of allegations of corruption against her person, especially the rot Nigerian in the National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) over the $20billion scandal in her ministry.

No day, week or month passes without very negative reports about this first Nigerian female Minister of Petroleum who is the second wife of Rear Admiral Alison Madueke, the former governor of the old Anambra and Imo States.

Reports reaching us revealed that Mrs. Alison Madueke is enmeshed in so many fresh official and domestic scandals and have developed thick skin over them to the point that it seems she is now immuned to embarrassment and does not bother herself anymore.

Flighty N2billion disappear in her house: 
In one of the fresh reports made available to PowerSteering recently, Diezani was alleged to have lost a whooping sum of N2billion in various foreign currencies to her domestic staff on the 3rd of June, 2014 without batting an eyelid.

It was revealed to PowerSteering Magazine that in a build-up to the campaign for Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) elections in June 2014, Diezani was alleged to have collected the said amount in different foreign currencies with the aim of using same to cushion and cruise her way through settling and lobbying appropriate stakeholders to victory as the Secretary General of OPEC.
She took the said amount of money to her home in two Ghana-Must-Go bags when her steward, one Mac-Millian Ofojareri broke into her bedroom while she was out, removed the two bags and vanished with the said N2billion worth of foreign currencies into the thin air. Mac-Millian was said to have quickly escaped from Abuja to meet his family in Ajaokuta in Kogi State before proceeding to Dubai, United Arab Emirate within days without being stopped.

Diezani although realised the gravity of the offence but considering the effect this incident would have on her personality, the image of the country and the integrity of Mr. President with whose knowledge she allegedly got the money, she quickly asked the former IG of Police Mr. Mohammed Abubakar and a few others involved to discontinue the case after it was unofficially reported at the Force Headquarters and preliminary investigations concluded on the matter.

A very reliable source disclosed that such stories of missing money were very frequent and common in the minister’s residence as she cannot even account for the actual amount of money brought into her residence by those needing her help and those owing her favours on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our source who has been working for the Minister for over five years now, recalled that the minister has been loosing monies to domestic staffers but only decided to lay complaint officially to the police this time because of the huge amount involved.

A check at the immigration border check points during the investigation confirmed that Mr. Mac-Mallian Ofojareri actually headed for Dubai with the N2billion to cool-off with his family. How he was able to do that with such huge amount of money without being caught is still a mystery and a great lapse on the side of the security agents.

Mac-Millian, an average aged man whom every member of Diezani’s family alleged was a very religious and pious person was the least expected person to have done such a thing to madam minister. He was trusted and even given the privilege to enter every corner of Mrs. Alison Madueke’s residence without restriction.

This, it was alleged contributed largely to Diezani’s losing the bid to becoming Secretary General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in addition to allegations of corruption levelled against her. Her inability to provide the welfare (money) needed to settle the kingmakers and stakeholders was one of the reasons she lost the bid.

Information available to PowerSteering Magazine, revealed that her hope of becoming the Organisation’s first female Secretary General was dashed when OPEC members opted to extend the tenure of the incumbent Secretary General, Abdullah Al-Badri till 30th June, 2015, instead of appointing Madueke who after promising to settle could not keep her promise because Mac-Mallian had stolen the N2billion meant for that purpose.

Our investigation further revealed that the embattled Petroleum Minister who was reportedly nominated and heavily backed-up and sponsored financially by Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan was aptly turned down by the body in June 2014, when she failed to make the grade, especially the financial obligations to the stakeholders who would have paved the way for her emergence as the Secretary General of OPEC.

The initial proposal to have Alison Madueke occupy the position was to solve the deadlock over the post created by opposing candidates from Saudi Arabia and Iran. While this rejection may not mean much to many Nigerians, it will definitely go a long way in affecting Madueke’s career in future, especially within the international community.                     
Minister organised the stealing of the money: 
An insider who spoke under anonymity also opined that the disappearance of such huge sum of money from the minister’s residence couldn’t have been possible without her knowledge, considering the security provided at her residence and insisted that it must have been a planned in-house job between the minister and “Pastor” Mac-Millan. He went further to explain that the Minister must have made that last minute plan sensing that she was not going to win the OPEC election after all, because of the myriad of allegations of corruption against her even at the home front, in spite of the large financial and moral support given to her by President Jonathan. And instead of wasting such amount of money on what she knew was not going to be possible, she may have decided to divert it to settle and pay-off Mac-Millain whom we later learnt was at the verge of blackmailing her for some immoral behaviours.
Watch out for Part 2!!

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